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Review of Parkland Fuel

MAY 17, 2019 - 2018 was a strong year for PKI. Integration of the 2017 acquisitions seems to have gone well and growth was excellent, although some of it was fortuitous. At the same time, they will be deleveraging over the next year. Accordingly, the rating is pegged at B.

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Q: Looking for a reasonable dividend (>2%) with some growth in a non-registered account. Was thinking of binning PPL and ZRE (down more than 20% on each), harvesting my tax losses, and replacing with PKI and SIS. Would you suggest holding the course, or swapping one or both out for PKI and/or SIS? (I would have considered swapping out for TRI and/or SLF, but am already at 19% financials.) Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on July 29, 2020
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