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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5I team,

Can you please provide your investment strategy view on sector level for 2022? Will raising interest rate put Utility and Technology sectors under pressure? TD monthly e-report recommends to overweight on Financials and Energy sectors and underweight on Utility and Tech. Do you tend to agree with it?


Read Answer Asked by Yang on December 08, 2021

Q: Hi 5I
I have $180,000 split evenly amongst above companies in RRSP. I was going to begin withdrawing $10,000 every year and am looking for strategy to draw down to maximize growth of account. Is there a ranking of companies to sell first, or take a bit from each? I like them all so tough call for me. Appreciate all your advice since my initial membership in 5I.

Read Answer Asked by Craig on December 08, 2021

Q: Good day.

What are your thoughts on Evergrand. Which markets would you suggest would feel the default

Are there Canadian stocks to stay away from

Thank you as always for all your terrific research

Read Answer Asked by Marla on December 08, 2021

Q: What’s your guess behind the big move in the Nasdaq yesterday? Were you surprised with such a big pop in one trading session? With info leaking that Omnicron Variant is as bad as Delta, what’s your forecast for the remainder of the year and moving forward?

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on December 08, 2021

Q: Hi
The income model portfolio contains about 2% fixed income/bonds. Is the model portfolio meant to be followed as it is or are investors to decide on their own allocation to fixed income/bonds? I have been disappointed in my bonds. I know they can help soften the blow in a market crash but this is pretty expensive insurance so to speak. What is your position on bonds? Should one be increasing their bonds at this point in the market?

Read Answer Asked by Mary on December 06, 2021

Q: Looking forward to 2022 I think there is a recession coming at us. (Personal Opinion). Looks to me that growth companies are going to continue to face severe headwinds. I also think industrials, financials, energy, and health care will be the sectors that will start to outperform others. Of course I'm open to debate regarding my choices and welcome your opinions. However, I would appreciate 3 or 4 examples of companies that you believe are set up to outperform in these sectors. If I've missed any sector please feel free to add your ideas. Thanks for your valued suggestions.

Read Answer Asked by Les on December 06, 2021

Q: Hi, My respected 5i team
Could you please recommend 5 solid names to buy in Canadian and US markets respectively when there is a market correction? Do you think it is a good time to buy them now during the current market drawdown?
Pls list the names in the order from your most favorite to the least. Thanks in advance!

Read Answer Asked by Zheng on December 06, 2021

Q: Hi Team,
My stock portfolio has dropped a gut wrenching 12% just this week alone, and 27% since august. All while the index's are near highs. I am aware most my stock holdings are aggressive tech names, but I am confident they are all best in breed names. I hold many of 5i US tech name favorites as well as some cnd. Its's a bloodbath like I haven't seen since the initial sell off when covid hit. At that time, I remember 5i came out with a very good "near bottom" report advising subscribers the end may be "near". As I recall it was very close! Thank you for that! What I am asking now is...will you issue such a report when the time comes as to when to potentially add to high growth tech names that have been crushed on no merritt of their own? Or can you say now if that time is near? And what stocks, either US or Cnd would you be adding to for 5yr plus holds that have the potential to make an exceptional recovery? I know this is a crystal ball question but your track record is good in my eyes! Thanks for your service. Look forward to some "calming" advice.

Read Answer Asked by Shane on December 06, 2021

Q: On 25 Nov my portfolio dropped 2.4%.
On 30 Nov my portfolio dropped 2.7%.
On 30 Nov, still stinging from the 2.4% drop, I was watching the 5i questions but nobody was asking about the stock rout. I assume most investors were reviewing their positions to see what their exposure was.
I didn't do anything at all. But I kept watching for questions and related guidance.
Can I have your advice on what to do on a day like yesterday, where Bloomberg said futures fell due to Omicron so this was a forecast I could have acted upon. Also, the Fed was said to be more hawkish due to inflation and was going to accelerate completion of its bond buying program. Probably a few other significant factors. In this type of market, did I do the right thing? Or should I have been trading my riskier positions yesterday? My intuition says I should have done more earlier, but when I saw no related questions coming, I assumed investors were busy trading to have less exposure.
Just a few thoughts from the wounded.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on December 01, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team!
Wondering with the new variant if anything has changed in terms of your outlook on stocks going forward. When faced with lots of volatility if one has a well diversified portfolio, relies on dividends for income and has a long time frame until retirement can a buy and hold strategy be adopted? With so many investments I would never be able to time the perfect exit, know when to rebuy, so I just buy and hold. I know you are not fans of stop losses, nor am I, but do you also ride out bear markets and hold investments rather than sell and reenter. Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Neil on December 01, 2021

Q: I have noticed that trading volumes of most of the stocks, except energy stocks, are down significantly today although the overall market is up quite a bit. This trend has been consistent in the last few days. Is it indicating any ominous event that might happen or is it just a normal event?

Read Answer Asked by Dev on November 30, 2021

Q: What do you think is going on with the Canadian tech sector? Today is a perfect example with US tech companies climbing (not surprising given that the NASDAQ is up 250 points) while the vast majority of Canadian companies remain in the red (eg. AT, STC, CTS, LSPD, SHOP, TOI, CGY). I appreciate that our companies (less SHOP) are much smaller but something doesn't seem quite right here. Could it be that short positions have been opened up by international investors against the entire sector?

As always, would appreciate your analysis.

Read Answer Asked by karl on November 29, 2021

Q: Do you have an opinion as to approximately when at year-end the selling of beaten down stocks for harvesting capital losses is generally sufficiently exhausted that one can consider stepping in where desired? If so, would your opinion be the same for US and Canadian markets?

Read Answer Asked by Rupert on November 26, 2021

Q: Morning Peter and Team,

Would you please shed some lights on what both the Canadian and US markets were like during periods of high inflation (touching double digit) in early 1980s.

Also how do see the markets will react now if inflation continues on its current path of 4 to 5% annually. Please name sectors that would benefit from relatively high inflation and sectors to avoid.


Read Answer Asked by Harry on November 24, 2021

Q: Hi Peter.

Many of my and other high growth stocks have taken a beating. Many of them down more than 50-60% plus off their highs. However, the DOW and the NASDAQ don’t seem to have taken a tumble of that proportion.
My concern is that if this is truly a “bust “ as some pundits are calling it out to be and the indices like the S& P etc are due for further drawdowns, that could result in these hard hit high growth stocks going even down further.
In simple terms, how does 5 I see this playing out.? By stopping to taper, is the Fed creating another bust as they shore up liquidity?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on November 24, 2021

Q: Could you give me a short explanation on CDR's and their benefits and risks.
Is there a need for me to enter this market near retirement with a sufficient nest egg already in stocks-mainly Canadian though.

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on November 18, 2021

Q: So, it looks like the US has expanded their money supply (M2) by 40% over the last 18 months. That's 40% of all money "printed" since 19681 Firstly, that seems like a terrifyingly huge expansion and I'm hoping I've got it all wrong, but if that is the case, it would seem the amount of money floating around the system needs to eventually find a home which would likely lead to a significant bull market for quite some time.

How would you interpret the mid and long term effects on the stock market as a result of the most significant monetary expansion in the history of the US? Have we seen the bulk of the effect already baked into the market?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on November 15, 2021