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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Any predictions of when the $CAD is going to increase by about $.05 US? What will drive the increase?
Read Answer Asked by Ron on June 12, 2024
Q: portfolio strategy question

I have adopted a dividend investment strategy of investing predominantly in canadian dividend paying equities and as expected am overweight in financials, telecom and utilities, this strategy allows me to sleep well at night, I am looking at enough dividend income from the portfolio to retire on and not have to touch the principle investment.

besides the lack of diversification in geography and sector. can you give me your opinion about concerns you may have with such a strategy and what you would suggest doing otherwise ?
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on June 12, 2024
Q: Well well...the stock market on both side of the border are in the red, at least for my 3 portfolios, aka income, balance and US. What gives???....thanks for any insight you can provide about this, aka RED.....tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 11, 2024
Q: There has been lots of good discussion about these 6 stocks on your forums section over the last year BDT, DRX, GSY, HPS.A, PRL, VHI. All have been big winners. Do you think they are still promising investments at current prices?
Read Answer Asked by Dan on June 07, 2024
Q: Hi,
Can you provide a comment on the thesis that hyperinflation is coming and gold is the best protection as recently written about by Frank Giustra?

I was surprised by some of the statements, like gold has outperformed the S&P500 since 2001.

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 05, 2024
Q: I use ratio analysis to help curb my buy enthusiasm. Please rate 200mda, rsi and macd for their ability to identify a buy situation. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 03, 2024
Q: Im hoping to get your current thinking on emerging markets. If I look at VEE as a proxy I see maybe a 50% gain over 12 years plus a small dividend, not exactly setting the world on fire but ok I guess as a diversifier. Do you see any catalysts suggesting the next 10 or 12 years could outperform? What about short term downside due the U.S. election? History suggests the final months leading up to U.S. elections are not great for the market and can be choppy, this year should be a doozy. Emerging markets I believe can be sensitive to the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar in particular? Your thoughts are appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on June 03, 2024
Q: Portfolio analysis relates that I am over in Energy by 16% and financials by 6%. I am well distributed in all the other sectors. I am a 78 year old value investor with some growth stocks. Energy: SU, CNQ, CVX. NXF, ENB, XOM, PKI, PSI, PPL: FINANCIALS: BAC, BNS, BKCC, HMAX, JPM MFC, SLF, X, TD. I enjoy the dividends as they help contend with the ever increasing taxes and surprise expenses such as a septic tank inspection, boat repairs, new garage doOrs and general upkeep. Should I just leave well enough alone or is this a big deal?
thank you for your excellent advicd and service.
Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on June 03, 2024
Q: Hi 5i
I'm curious if there is any way of knowing (stats-wise) whether the "younger generation" expect interest rates to stabilize at the "normal" near zero rates vs "older generation" who are less inclined to believe that (making assumptions here)
I just read a question regarding the inevitable "long slow decline of rates" .... I'm not so sure being in the "middle generation" :)

What are your thoughts on what "normal" rates could/should be (coming from the "wiser generation").

Read Answer Asked by mike on June 03, 2024
Q: Soon interest rates should begin the inevitable long slow slide down. Can you rank these three sectors, banks, REITs & long term bonds, when the interest rates begin falling? Keep up the excellent work... Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by John on May 31, 2024
Q: What are the reasons for the significant drop in the Cdn and US stock markets since last Friday???.....thanks for your insights.....Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on May 31, 2024
Q: Everyone, as a 70 year old retired person what investment(s) should I not purchase. Clayton
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on May 30, 2024
Q: Hello 5i,

We are retired and in our mid 60's. We and have started pulling out 5% of our RRSP portfolio each year to pay bills and take vacations. One of our laddered GIC's came due on Monday. We can choose a 5-year at 4.59% but this is in an RRSP which we will pay 20% tax on upon taking funds out. Our equity to fixed income is 65 equity/35 fixed at this time.

Do you have any suggestions other than taking a 5-year GIC at 4.59%? We would be ~70/30 if we select equities.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Jerry on May 29, 2024
Q: Hello 5i Team

From review of various questions I surmise that that 5i mainly uses Bloomberg Terminal and/or Refinitive EIKON for research. However I realize these data packages due to monthly prices are beyond an individual investor.

Therefore I am trying to compare the various subscription versions of TIKR Terminal versus the subscription versions of KOYFIN which seem to be more reasonable. I have signed up for the "free" access versions of each to explore their features and I am quite satisfied with what I see. The choice is now which product to use and what subscription version to sign up for.

Does 5i use either TIKR Terminal or KOYFIN service and if so which subscription level do you use?

This may be best addressed as a blog article exploring both packages.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on May 29, 2024
Q: Is the P/E ratio of the TSX too high today and does it need to decrease?
Is the P/E ratio of the S&P500 too high today, and does it need to decrease?
Read Answer Asked by Ron on May 29, 2024
Q: Hello 5i,

We have been monitoring the economic cycle relative to stock market performance. Commodities are hot and there is a trend towards Bonds. Typically, this would indicate a stock market decline leading into a recession (mild or or medium decline).

But, our world has been turned upside down since covid. Is the S&P model of economic cycle and stock market performance model valid at this time?

This chart is dated March 31, 2024

Your insight into stocks as of specific dates is very valuable. Thank you for guiding us through constant change and up to the minute decisions.

Debbie and Jerry

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on May 23, 2024
Q: Given the chance of a second Trump Presidency and the likelihood of tariffs, loss of democracy and full on graft and favouritism what Canadian companies are likely to thrive or at a minimum survive? Is there a defensive strategy that would work for either result in the election or is it one direction with Trump and another with Biden?
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on May 22, 2024
Q: I recently changed Financial advisors. I am sitting on a significant amount of cash to deploy. I am concerned deploying the cash while Canadian and US Markets reach all time Highs. Given the tremendous run the markets have had in the last 6 months, what would be your advice?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on May 21, 2024