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Investment Q&A

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Q: What's up with Well Health? Great results, analyst consensus of $9 - but stock stinks at $3.

Is Li Ka Shing still a shareholder? The last Cantech article seems unclear by saying "lead by..."; like "lead in spirit, but not dollars"? WELL is a sponsor of Cantech and Wadell owns shares personally, so the language and format of that article seem questionable. I kinda get the impression Li has liquidated his position but the company is tiptoeing around disclosing that. A couple sources say Li has "exited" but you may have clearer info from company IR.

I know Hamed Shabazi (ceo of WELL) is close friends with Sharzad Rafati, (ceo of BBTV) and that company has been an utter disaster. Hamed also sits on the board. Do you see any contagion spilling over? Similar problems, tricks or worse?

Something doesn't add up with the share performance of WELL based on their results, supposed high profile backers and analyst target consensus. Can they handle their debt? Have they overextended? Was that short report correct in their analysis of the CRH takeover? I mean that was a trash article; poorly researched and appears to be written by a confused teenager.

I like Hamed and followed him all the way back from the TIO days. I want to be sure that I am not picking up a scent similar to the fraudulent Canadian roll-up "darling" Patient Home Monitoring - I still have nightmares from that burn. The analysts all loved that one too. Well, thanks for your insight!

Read Answer Asked by Aidan on October 05, 2022

Q: Hello 5i Team,

Could you please provide your top 5 US healthcare stock picks for growth (with above-average risk) over the next 5 years, and include a brief comment why.

Could you also suggest 3 "safer" options.

Feel free to subtract as many credits as warranted.

Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on September 22, 2022

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I own LIFE as my proxy for healthcare, with a current 6% weighting of my equities. I have money set aside to top it up a bit, but I wanted to check on two things first.

#1 = regarding where we are at in the overall market cycle is now a reasonable time to add to the health care sector? I have read that HC should be "ok" during a downturn. Would you agree?

#2 = is there any seasonality to healthcare? It doesn't appear to my eyes, but wanted to ask.

Thanks for your help...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on September 14, 2022

Q: Hi Team,
The stock performance of Well is a bit perplexing to me as of late. I understand that growth stocks in general have gotten slaughtered the last year. But this is a Health company (which I thought in general are supposed to fair well in "recession" type environments). The company so far has proven to be growing at a very high rate. Last numbers beat estimates if I remember correctly, and guidance upgraded. It had received some Price Target upgrades from analysts after the last release. Yet the share price continues to drift lower. Canada in general seems to have a healthcare "shortage" right now if you believe what the media tells us. You would think a company with "telehealth", which I think will have great future growth and help ease contstraints on hospitals somewhat would be catching the eye of long term investors here. As well, the CEO has a proven track record as building up a company and selling it. Am I missing something, or could this set up be one of the most compelling on the tsx today for long term buyers at this level? Also, is Well still a relatively "unknown" company to the investment world in canada? It seems that getting in early with unknown companies that end up sucessful can sometime generate outsized returns over the long haul. As is the notorious (10 baggers) everyone can dream of finding once in a lifetime. This all being said, should I be buying today for the buy and hold strategy? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Shane on September 09, 2022

Q: To my knowledge cancer is showing no signs of going away and yet these companies and others in the field have been punished with the rest of the market. Can you please provide an attractive entry point for each and state which 1 or 2 would be your favourite and why? If you can add one additional name that you think has tremendous potential in this field I would be appreciative. If that requires a second credit go ahead and take it!

Read Answer Asked by Tim on September 08, 2022

Q: Thank you for the detailed response earlier on VEEV's quarterly report. You noted that you feel it is still a "decent" long term hold. I am wondering if you have any other US healthcare names that you have much higher conviction of that you might recommend replacing VEEV with? I have lots of time and VEEV currently sits in RRSP.


Read Answer Asked by Justin on September 06, 2022