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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I want exposure to health. Looking for growth in the next 5 years. Can you please rate these companies in term of growth in next 5 years, starting with the most potential? And what is a good entry point for them?
Feel free to suggest any other health care stock that offer growth as well. Thank you very much.

Read Answer Asked by Anh on October 18, 2021

Q: Hi 5i - From the following 9 US stocks - which 3 would you have the highest conviction for (with a short why for each): AFRM, ABCL, GOOG, AAPL, COST, CRWD, FLGT, NVDA, NKE

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on October 13, 2021

Q: Would you rather hold 1 position in NVDA or the equivalent of 1 position in a "basket" of FLGT, MELI, AFRM, and ABCL?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 17, 2021

Q: Any companies that may benefit from the future of Covid as we learn to live with it Testing and therapeutics... not vaccine companies
Went for a wild ride with Flugent is it a option ? Others ?

Read Answer Asked by Greg on August 03, 2021

Q: How would you rank the following companies (WELL, REAL, ENGH, TOI, FLGT, ABCL) in terms of potential growth over next 3-5 years ? Are they any that you would not be keen on? If so could you provide an alternative or two?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 24, 2021

Q: Hi,

My question is of the companies I've listed, which 2 or 3 would you add to for a 5-10 year horizon. I currently own all of these, with no total value exceeding $500.

I am just starting a small portfolio and have $1000 USD to put into my RRSP to add to these exisiting stocks.

How would you rank them?


Read Answer Asked by David on June 22, 2021

Q: I have a question about 89568
Do you know if Fulgent is actively working on growing it's biotech testing such as for immunotherapy? Looking at long term growth of this field it is going to be a huge field and companies such as Icon are already well off to the races in this field and I'm looking for alternate companies that specialize in testing and right now this company gets a lot of press on it's COVID testing only.

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 11, 2021

Q: Hello. I am a new subscriber and this is my first question. I have been "practicing" self directed investing for the past year with about 20% of my registered assets. I think I have a pretty good grip on the basics and am now ready to move ahead and invest the balance of my assets into the market. I am going to use your portfolio construction recommendations as a guideline. According to the plan, I am already heavy in # of stocks and lack solid allocation and diversification. The stocks I listed are the ones that are dragging down the portfolio and for the most part do not belong in the mix. If I sell now all the losses seem to be quite significant representing approx. 3.5% of my current portfolio of stocks and about 1.3% of my total available assets. I have the option of holding on hoping for recovery and using other cash to strengthen my good positions and add to more diversified positions. Or should I simply sell and move on with a clean slate to re-build the portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 07, 2021

Q: I would like your comments on FLGT's Quarter and future guidance. It looked like a blowout to me but the market reaction seems quite muted at the time I am writing this. Guidance is also impressive, calling for revenues of $800m in 2021 a 90% yoy increase after an impressive 2020. FLGT has great margins of around 50%, so 4X next years sales tells us its trading around 8 times next year’s expected earnings….8X forward P/E is what you might expect on a sleepy, slow-growth stock. What am I missing, or is this simply being ignored on a bad market day? A Buy?

Read Answer Asked by Scott on March 06, 2021

Q: hi 5i team

2 beginners questions about options

Question 1; This may seem like a silly question. I owned 300 shares of FLGT for a while, then I sold 3 july calls at 47.5 Now the silly question is, when the call expires, do I have to give specific instructions to the brokerage, or do they just see the 300 shares in my account and automatically sell them at 47.50 ? (since I did not place both the buy share order and sell call at the same time).

Question 2a and 2b: For the sake of the question, let's assume a zero bid ask spread. From what I see in the quotes in my account, and suppose the call was to expire at the same prices tomorrow, then I would be better (by about 1000$ US) to buy back the calls and sell the shares at the current prices then to let it execute ! I am surprised by that, any comment you can make, does it seem normal ?
Question 2b: then IF I thought the price of the stock would keep going up, it would be better to close out the position now.
many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Francois on February 01, 2021