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Q: Seasons Greetings, to you all,
In order to start my TFSA year of right can I get your opinion on a few of each Cdn. & U.S. stocks that may be considered MUST OWN in the Materials & Health sectors.
Also an alternate on ETF's?
Thanks for your usual good answers!

Read Answer Asked by Terry on January 12, 2021

Q: Happy New Year to the 5i team.

I was hoping to get some feedback about how about to allocate about 11% of my total portfolio that is otherwise well-balanced and is made up of a mixture of Canadian dividend and large-cap stocks, and US and international ETF's.

These purchases will be in my TFSA and I am seeking greatest total return for the next 5-10 years. I am not afraid of risk but am also looking at sound investments rather than speculative purchases or quick trades.

I currently own GH, ISRG, LSPD and XBC and would like to add 4-5 more names. On my short list are the following: CRWD, MITK, ROKU, TTD, TT, U, VEEV and XYL.
Are there any from that list that you think match up well with my existing stocks? Alternatively, if you think there are better names that I haven't mentioned please advise.

Thanks in advance for all the great work you do,

Read Answer Asked by Rory on January 07, 2021
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