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Q: I would like to do some tax loss selling and was wondering if you might be able to rank ILLM, UPST, OVV, TOY, SQ, GH, FLGT, and COW in order from those with the least potential to recover over the next year, to the most potential. If I were to sell them all, are there any you would consider buying back after 30 days? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Kim on November 22, 2023
Q: Long investor trying my best to hang in there in with some of my dog stocks. Down significantly in Matterport 85%. Guardant Health 29%. Canada Goose 45%. Inmode 40%. Southwest Airlines 40%. Viemed 32%.
My 5i membership has been a stalwart of sound reason over the years, and Iíve appreciated your take on some companies that nose dive, but you feel are worthy of hanging onto, even if it takes a year or more. (ROKU and PINS spring to mind). With some potential tax loss harvesting coming up, which of the following would you think could be a re-buy, and which could be saluted and sent off to oblivion after the sale? Iím consigned now to doing either.
Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 07, 2023
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