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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i,
I don't want to put you on the spot but after reading your reply to RAK re: Top 5 Cdn & US picks I have a question.
In my cash account (high growth/high risk) I own SHOP SQ KXS GSY PENN WELL & TTD. I have done very well over the last 5 years. I'm wondering how you would rank these against your current top picks, perhaps I have become complacent.
Thank you so much

Read Answer Asked by Dave on June 23, 2021

Q: Hi,

These stocks listed make up the core position of my Canadian and US holdings.

Would you consider this list to be a good one for a 3-5 year plus time horizon? I am able to tolerate high risk .


Read Answer Asked by ilie on June 22, 2021

Q: Hi ,
I hear about Bitcoin, Dogecoin and all sorts of other coins and names. The complication of understanding them kept me on the sidelines, not to mention the wild daily fluctuations. I was wondering if an easier way to get some exposure to Bitcoin, directly or indirectly, would be to buy some shares in Square?
Your thoughts are appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by ilie on May 26, 2021

Q: Long time holder of V since the IPO and have done well with this name as a core position. Currently have a 3% position. Have some more USD to invest currently, what are your thoughts on reducing V down to 2% and allocating 1% to start a new position in either PYPL or SQ for more growth or add more to V? Looking for long term growth. Would you pick PYPL or SQ today? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on May 25, 2021

Q: I own GSY on your recommendation. I also own ZEB for simple exposure to all the Canadian banks. I'm interested in finding other niche opportunities in the financial space, whether on the income side or the growth side (or blended). Someone mentioned Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corp (FC) for income, recognizing this also entails some real estate exposure. What is your view of FC, and what other suggestions would you have? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on May 03, 2021

Q: Am I missing any major sectors with these stock investments?
Where should I focus if I would like to ensure a diverse portfolio?
Are there any stocks that I should dump?

Read Answer Asked by grace on April 27, 2021

Q: The use of block chain technology looked to me like a valid technique but its successes appear to have been limited. What is your opinion of the technology/technique, do you consider it has a future, have there been outstanding successes, and are there attractive investments in this space? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on April 22, 2021

Q: I currently have a 4% (total portfolio) position in ARKK in my TFSA. Down some 4.5%. Considering replacing it with equal positions in two other US techs, possibly PINS and NVDA. I already hold GOOG, CROWD, ADOBE, MSFT and AMZN.
1) Would you hold the course with ARKK?
2) If not, which two US techs would you replace it with today?

And on an unrelated topic, I own (and am exceedingly happy with) EGLX. Like GOOG, it is considered to be in the Communications sector. For my portfolio purposes, I would like to assign all or part of EGLX to consumer cyclical. Does this make sense?

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on April 21, 2021

Q: I have these stocks in varying amounts in my TFSA . I have decided to sell one, two or three names to fund a purchase. Which three would you sell first? Thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by Frank on April 05, 2021

Q: I have a 5% position in Visa and 2% position in Lightspeed. I am considering adding a position in PayPal or Square to my TFSA.Which would you prefer today? Or should I diversify into something like Shopify?
Could you rate the above stocks in terms of risk and also include Crowdstrike?I have a long time horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Allen on April 05, 2021

Q: These once promising growth stocks have declined, more than others. Would you consider them in the 'hold' or 'sell' category? And in which order?
The market performance generally does appear to create more uncertainty even with good news on infrastructure funding etc., rotation alone might not be the only cause. What is your take?
Thank you, Team!

Read Answer Asked by Sigrid on March 30, 2021

Q: I’m adding to a partially established portfolio (growth-oriented, long-term). I’m interested both in taking advantage of the recent tech downturn (although not too much, as I’m already somewhat tech-heavy) and in further diversifying. Two questions:

1. I own partial positions in the following securities and am looking to add more. Could you rank them in your order of preference for purchasing now? Any you’d avoid buying now?


2. I’m considering buying positions in the following new securities (not easily comparable, I know), with a view to diversity and growth, as well as US exposure. Could you rank them in order of preference for purchasing now? Any you’d avoid buying now?


Thanks for your great work and please feel free to dock me for two questions.


Read Answer Asked by Christopher on March 22, 2021

Q: Hello 5i,
Please comment on the growth prospects for SQ FOUR NVEI LSPD and rank 1-4 as far as your preference.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 19, 2021

Q: 1. LSPD vs FOUR - What are your thoughts and recommendations? B/S/H
2. PYPL vs SQ - What are your thoughts and recommendations? B/S/H
3. COST vs WMT - What are your thoughts and recommendations? B/S/H
Thank you in advance.
-Great job guys. I enjoy your service and attention to detail...

Read Answer Asked by michael on March 02, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
I know you guys are long term investors and don’t like trading around earnings, but it seems to me that most tech stocks are priced to perfection these days and they can have great earnings calls and yet the stock sells off. Recent examples are NVDA, ROKU, TTD, SQ and SHOP (although SHOP announced a financing as well). For new positions, aren’t the odds in your favour to wait until after earnings to buy? Similarly, if one is overweight on a position, again it seems to me that the odds are in your favour to trim back prior to earnings. What are your thoughts on this approach?
Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 26, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and Staff
I added these stocks and PLTR a few months ago due to your good vibes in Q&A.

So far I have sold PLTR at a profit after its volatility on earnings last week

Do u still feel good on the rest even if we hit a “tech bubble” or sector rotation as far as the long term ?

Are any of them under capitalized ?

Multiple credits of applicable

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on February 25, 2021