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Q: WELL appears to be a reasonable recession-resistant investment, and management seems solid to me. Questions:

- How similar is TDOC's business model in comparison, and can WELL differentiate itself enough with its expansion into the U.S. ?

- Can 5i envision any other different avenues of growth for WELL to expand it's offerings within the health sector ?

- Is its current balance sheet sound, and can this company endure a rising interest rate environment ?


Read Answer Asked by James on July 20, 2023

Q: Do these 4 companies have the cash/cash flow to finance their current debt obligations? None of the companies are profitable I am concerned that they may not be able to raise the cash needed to fund operations in the current environment of rising interest rates, such that they may not be able to handle any debt due over the next year or two.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on May 08, 2023

Q: Hello 5i!
At this point in the cycle can you please rate the following as buy, sell or hold. I know you sometimes say in a different kind of market high growth can do well. Can you please comment on whether one should decrease technology holdings in general or just wait for tech to shine again one day. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Neil on November 03, 2022
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