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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Thanks to your sage advice, I am up significantly (again) on NVDA. Last year, I let it run up to 10% of my holdings, sold half and purchased VRT (now up 30%). NVDA has now increased to 8% of my portfolio. I understand there are multiple drivers currently at work turbo-charging the price of this stock (earnings, stock split, upcoming DOW listing, forced acquisition by ETFs, etc.). All this prompts three questions. How large would YOU let your NVDA grow as a percentage of your portfolio before trimming? Assuming you wanted to trim, when do you think the stock price will start leveling off (assuming the absence of black swan events)? If you wanted to take some profit and invest it outside tech, what would be your three highest conviction US stocks today? AMZN, MSFT, VRT, GOOG, V, and J already held. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on June 20, 2024
Q: I currently hold COST, WMT, and ADT in consumer staples and am wondering if switching WMT and or ADT for either PRMW, L, or DOL would give me better growth going forward? Or do you have a better option?

Read Answer Asked by Lyle on June 18, 2024
Q: I read with interest your (excellent) advice about ‘when to sell a stock for fundamental reasons’ as I believe I often sold for wrong reasons, and I want to ‘learn’ to do it for better reasons. You mention the following:
‘In the case of volatility, if a name is jumping by 5% or more any given day, it is tough to call it an ‘investment’ anymore as it becomes more of a bet on a given day’s move. Again, some investors will make money here, but we would far prefer to look elsewhere at this stage.’
Vertiv (VRT) is one of the stocks you often mention as one that is taking full advantage of AI because of its ‘privileged’ involvement in data centre cooling technology and is in a ‘growth spurt’ that affects the stock price and is worth considering at this stage of AI growth investing. ( you do add it won't last forever, though…) Nonetheless, it is trading lately with large daily swings (of 5% and, even, sometimes 10%). In which way would it be different then and tough to call it an investment vs a speculation? I feel the same goes for Propel Holdings (PRL) which is another small but rapidly growing company because of an interesting business model. (it too, lately, also appears to be on an up and down elevator ride.) Would you care to explain the difference in reasoning please?
Thanks, Adel
Read Answer Asked by Adel on June 18, 2024
Q: Thanks to recently learning about CDR's, I've been able to add NVDA (already up 20%) and LLY to my portfolio, which otherwise is dominated by TSX-listed stocks.

I'm interested in five other CDR's. Please rank them from your highest conviction pick to your least favourite: Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft and AVGO.

Thank you very much for your service and advice. Pete.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 18, 2024
Q: Hi guys,

I have the above in my portfolio at 2.5%, please rank them as to moving them into a FULL position (4%).
Read Answer Asked by jim on June 13, 2024
Q: I presently have $66,000 to invest and am looking at these stocks to buy. Please place them in order of preference . Best choices first and if there is some you would not buy at present prices ? I could have an extra $5,000 available if I sold my DDOG. Is it a hold or sell ? Thanks for your help !
Read Answer Asked by Frank on June 10, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,
I will be adding to one or more to small existing positions in either VRT, CELH, AMZN, BKNG, and or NXT. Could you please list in order of preference for addition at this time and considering a decent time frame and high risk tolerance. A short comment on the pros and cons of each would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Bob on June 07, 2024
Q: I would like to add another tech name. With software being weak as of late, I was thinking of either ADBE or CRWD but would be open to another suggestion or two as well. I currently own GOOG, TSM, AMZN, and MSFT.. VRT and BKNG as well even tho they aren't really tech names. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Martin on June 05, 2024
Q: Hi Team,
Given Nvdas recent euphoria, is it time to take profits here or do you see this rise warranted and likely to hold its gains? Looking at market cap it looks set to pass apple and possibly take top spot over Microsoft soon if the stock keeps up this pace of rising. How are valuations looking here compared to the other magnificent 7 and how much possible upside can we possibly gain from here given current valuations ?
Read Answer Asked by Shane on May 30, 2024
Q: I read about this company recently and bought a 1/2 position.
In reviewing a 1 year and a 3 year and 6 month chart fix out performed apple, MSFT,meta,AMZN . Which for an industrial company I found interesting.
My question , did something unique occur in the past 3 years for this outperformance and if not does the future look as bright
Read Answer Asked by Leon on May 29, 2024
Q: Everyone, my tech portfolio is as follows: AAPL, AMZN, CSU, MSFT and NVDA. Is VRT a company to buy and hold forever or a stock buy for a few years and reassess. I.E. is its moat (people, technology, business plan, etc) wide enough to keep ahead of its followers Clayton
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on May 27, 2024
Q: Is AI becoming big enough to warrant its own category? I'm trying to find out what your recommendations are on AI companies going forward.
Read Answer Asked by Graham on May 17, 2024
Q: My question has two aspects. One genral and another one specific
First. numerous analysts and professional investors (and not necessary professional short term traders) use to claim a golden rule saying if a company following poor results in the earnings season, slides 10% or about, you sell immediately and the sooner the better. What is your position on this issue?
Second. What kind of application could be envisaged in the specific case of a stock like Cloudflare with a recent splash of more than 17%?

Thank you very much in advance

Read Answer Asked by Gabriel on May 08, 2024
Q: hi 5i, these stocks are in my cash account , I need to sale 2 or 3 of them to raise some cash. I'm happy with all of them. but unfortunately have to sale. I'm thinking I could let go SMCI (since I have NVDA), VHI, and META. Or trim a bit of each. Your opinion please! thanks
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on May 01, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I'm trying to clean up my US Portfolio so that I'm at 20-25 equities total. Please advise which 20-25 companies you would keep for a 5-10+ hold with balance/diversification but also some growth in mind.
Read Answer Asked by David on April 30, 2024