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Q: Hi, there is a lot of love for TDOC and it has grown quickly. I used to own it but sold, and am revisiting and researching the name. The main concern I have is reports that whales like Amazon and Wallmart, etc. are moving into the area of digital health. Amazon Care in particular, while currently a pilot project in Washington for Amazon employees, could expand if they see potential. Since TDOC is at a very high multiple to sales, I question the risk/reward here, can you please comment on your perspective? Would this risk also apply to WELL, which I own?

Read Answer Asked by Kel on April 16, 2021

Q: Can you suggest some companies with decent premiums that you think would be good candidates for an income generating strategy using options.
Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by michael on April 02, 2021

Q: Hello, Can you please list in order which one of these Titans would you recommend for a 10 year hold within a TFSA. Or, should all three be held, currently in my US TFSA I only hold COST. I have other investments like ETFs and stocks in my CDN TFSA for diversity.


Read Answer Asked by Robbie on April 01, 2021
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