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Q: Hi,
You have been rightly complemented many times for
or your wise counsel recently. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the group for their many varied questions. Both the questions and answers have helped me a lot.
For various reasons I have not visited the Asset Allocator section for some time and find that I am not as well 'balanced' as I should be. I am over invested in financials (BAM.A, TD, BNS, RY and SLF) and grossly underinvested in Consumer cyclicals. I am also overinvested in Canada. Could you please suggest 2-3 US and Canadian Consumer cyclical stocks?
Many Thanks,

Read Answer Asked by bryn on June 29, 2020

Q: Would like your opinion om this fund for my US account, its performance is excellent five star morningstar rating. MER at 2% is high. Is there a similar ETF with similar performance? Or should I just be contented paying this fee considering its return? Do you see this sector continuing to outperform?

Read Answer Asked by Saad on June 25, 2020
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