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Q: Question 1: Considering buying a few hundred shares of ADTX (NASDAQ). There seems to have been significant growth over the last year and since the company launched (2017), and I like the biotechnology space and don't have any positions here yet. Can anyone provide some insight for a beginner investor on this company? I have a 2-3 year timeline and am looking for growth, okay with some risk. Feel free to suggest some alternatives to ADTX if you have some.

Question 2: I'm interested in adding some clean / renewable energy stocks to my portfolio, specifically US companies but also open to Canadian. I've been watching AQN and BEP.UN, but perhaps I'm missing some interesting ones that will benefit from the US being back in the Paris Agreement (!!). What are your favourites in this space right now?

Question 3: I currently work in A.I., and I like NVDA as a clear leader in this space. Do you think their stock is over-priced currently? It's one of the most expensive stocks in the A.I. technology space and seems too high when compared to MSFT or other players. Can you rank your favourites in the A.I. space?

Thanks 5i Team, and happy new year to everyone!

Read Answer Asked by Allie on January 25, 2021

Q: I have a CCP corp (10-year time line) with the following holdings (high to low mrt value + $60K cash): ENB, AQN, ATD, SU, BAM, GC, LSPD, XBC, REAL, GUD, BEPC, CAE, BNS, CSU, ENGH, SLF, PHO, XGD, WELL, GOOS, QST, AC, BEP.UN, KXS, DOC.VN, MITK, ATZ, SYZ, DOO. To reduce tax liabilities, I plan to slowly sell off any high yielding stocks (eg ENB) and only hold buy-and-forget stocks with very low or no dividend or buy corp class ETFs like HXT, HXS, HXQ. Can you please recommend what current stocks you see as long term "keepers" and suggest any new CAN or US stocks or ETFs. Many thanks for your help!!!!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on January 22, 2021

Q: My SHOP and LSPD positions have grown to 7% and 6% of my portfolio, looking to trim the positions slightly and add to some smaller weights in my portfolio with long term high growth. How would you rank as the best to add to currently out of NVEI, FB, AMZN, VEEV, CSU, DOCU or AT? This would be for TFSA.

Also for smaller caps like WELL and XBC, would would you consider as full positions? In the 3-5% range depending on one's risk tolerance? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on January 19, 2021
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