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Q: Would like your opinion om this fund for my US account, its performance is excellent five star morningstar rating. MER at 2% is high. Is there a similar ETF with similar performance? Or should I just be contented paying this fee considering its return? Do you see this sector continuing to outperform?

Read Answer Asked by Saad on June 25, 2020

Q: I know this is tough to answer but are there any companies out there you see today that could potentially duplicate the great returns of the SHOP,CSU,NFLX, LULU etc.. either in US or Canada? thank you

Read Answer Asked by kolbi on June 15, 2020

Q: I have about 50% of my portfolio in US stocks : ADBE, AMZN, TEAM, MA, MFST, & AYX.
I have 20K USD & i want to open another position and Im thinking about NFLX.
Please sugest mi if NFLX is my best choice on the market to compliment my existing selection or sugeest to me your choice instead of NFLX and 3 different US stocks.

Read Answer Asked by Andrzej on June 03, 2020
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