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Q: I have no positions in any of the companies highlighted. I do want to add 3 of the 4 companies to my diversified growth portfolio over the next 30 day's.
Which 3 and why?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Larry on January 12, 2020

Q: I recently submitted a question asking what "sector" Costco and Disney were in "according to your sectors". You advised that Disney was Consumer Discretionary and Costco was Consumer Staples.
You do not have these sectors in your listings. You have Consumer Cyclicals and Consumer Non-Cyclicals. I am assuming it is one of these - could you please advise. I am aware that sectors have more than 1 description name but I am trying to keep to the sector names you have on your Summary List.
Thank you so much,

Read Answer Asked by Margaret on December 11, 2019
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