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Q: Hi team,

Several years ago, I started moving money to the U.S. side for greater growth opportunities. I am now at 80% U.S. and with the weak Canadian dollar outlook, I won’t be going back soon. So, I appreciate your advice on the U.S. side, which I find to be very insightful, even though it is not your primary focus area.

To offset my tech risks, I like big cap and/or Dow stocks. DIS intrigues me for their many growth arms. I was not following closely all the wheeling and dealing among DIS, Comcast and others last year for Fox and other companies. DIS bought FOX and/or its entertainment assets and the deal closes early Wednesday morning. DIS was the worst Dow performer today (aside from BA). Did DIS overpay for FOX or is this just arbitrage on the stock before deal closes? DIS has a ton of content already so what does Fox add? I believe DIS now gets a bigger share of Hulu. Will Hulu become their primary streaming service or is something else planned by DIS to compete with NFLX?

I am just trying to better understand the outlook for DIS once the FOX deal closes.
Thanks for the insight.


Read Answer Asked by David on March 19, 2019

Q: I am very fortunate to be a member of 5I,Thanks
I wish you were actively advising on US stocks meanwhile however
for me to start please suggest some US stocks or etf for not very aggressive
stocks with high volatility but something like BNS,SLF,td in Canada Income is not my priority but steady growth is in my mind not stocks like canabis?
I appreciate your sugestion and has always benefited from them

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on March 19, 2019
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