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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: For 3 years horizon, considering stability, valuation and growth potential, in which order will you rank them. In which order will you purchase them and why? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Lucius on February 10, 2023

Q: I was interrupted during my buy of ROKU last Thursday when it was below $50 and when I next looked it was $56! Ouch. I see it has earnings on Feb 15. I know you recommend buying for long term and not waiting for earnings, but I feel like it could go either way here, and a 10% rise this week is significant - do you have a recommendation regarding buying before or after in this case? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Kim on February 01, 2023

Q: I bought Netflix after the big drop in 2022 and have since sold a half position after a nice gain. In terms of its future, everything I read is about the ad-supported lower-priced tier. However there is almost nothing about the password crackdown that is supposedly happening early 2023. Surely this would have a more meaningful impact on the bottom line... I personally know MANY people that are sharing an account (myself included!!) that will ultimately subscribe when they are "kicked out".
Question 1: Has Netflix released any statistics about their estimates for how many people are "piggybacking" off another account and that they believe will sign up after the password-sharing crackdown?
Question 2: Thoughts on future growth potential?

Take credits as appropriate, thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Brett on January 16, 2023

Q: I currently have the following positions in the "FAANG" stocks: GOOGL (5%), MSFT and META (each less than 2%), AAPL (less than 1%).

Not interested in NFLX since I already have positions in DIS and ROKU, but I'm open to AMZN (although I have a small position in SHOP, less than 2%).

I want to reduce the number of stocks I own, so I'm looking to consolidate my FAANG positions. In what order would you rank the FAANG stocks at today's prices for potential future returns?

I have a long time horizon (decades) and a very diversified portfolio, so not worried about short-term declines in share price.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 03, 2023

Q: I hold the above stocks in my Unregistered,TFSA,and RRIF accounts. I understand that as of January 1, 2023, the IRS will require a 10% withholding tax when Canadian residents sell US stocks. Does this rule apply to sell any of the above mentioned my stocks ?

2) If I sell above Stocks before end of 2022, will I avoid paying new IRS 2023 10% withholding tax?

Read Answer Asked by Andrzej on December 13, 2022

Q: I have purchased the above US stocks in the last 6 months. AMZN is down 15%, CRWD is down 27% and LNTH is down 25%. The rest are in the green. AMZN position size is twice as large as CRWD and LNTH. I have $10,000 more to deploy. Would you do a 33% split on the 3 or what are your thoughts on this?


Read Answer Asked by sean on December 12, 2022

Q: What is the best ETF to obtain the highest possible exposure to MSFT. GOOG. AMZN. NTFX and what are the respective portfolio percentages for each company held in this ETF? thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on December 01, 2022

Q: I sold ROKU at the end of Sept to harvest a tax loss and bought NFLX in its stead. Fast forward a month and ROKU is about what I sold it for while NFLX is up about 20% (thanks for the suggestion!)

My question is in two parts. First, does ROKU, in your opinion, still represent a stock with a better longer-term upside than NFLX meaning I should continue with the original plan to sell NFLX and repurchase ROKU?

Second, if the answer to the above is yes, do you think it is best to repurchase ROKU in a month or so as I suspect it will be a target for tax loss selling or might it be best to wait until the new year so as to defer my cap gain on NFLX with the expectation that ROKU likely hasn't appreciated much in the meantime?

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 01, 2022

Q: Hi,
Do you agree with Mr. Ross Healy that NFLX is the only FAANG stock worth dipping into? Would you be a "trader" of this stock? Do you see the potential for a bounce?
Feel free to share your "musings"!

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on October 25, 2022

Q: For a market bottom/rebound, which 6 US growth stocks would you buy (as opposed to value) and would there be any ETFs you would use? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 06, 2022

Q: Hello,

I have roughly $75,000 to invest. I am looking for US base stocks with upside. I have a pretty balanced portfolio so am looking for growth type names or ones with upside. This year i purchased amazon, netflix, disney, and nvidia so please recommend 4-5 of your best ideas other then those ones.


Read Answer Asked by sean on October 03, 2022

Q: Hi,
In your recent blog on 5 investing principles, you say it is important to distinguish between permanent and temporary market losses. However, you do not say how to do that. DOCU, PTON and NFLX all did great in the pandemic. All are floundering now. So, do you view the market losses in DOCU, PTON and NFLX as permanent or temporary and why?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on September 14, 2022

Q: My portfolio analytics is showing that I'm a bit low in my communication services sector.

Beyond the obvious telecom companies, what are some of the less obvious companies or perhaps ETFs that would fit into this sector?

Also, including the telecoms, could you rank your top few Canadian and US buys for this sector.

Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on July 28, 2022

Q: Currently, the largest paper losses in my non-registered account are in ROKU, TTD and U. I am considering selling one or all of them for capital losses but do not want to miss out on any pending gains in the short term. How would you rank these for selling with a low chance of price turn around over the buy-back restriction period? Please suggest a few names for surrogates.

Also, which US stock(s) do you see as a stronger growth name for permanently replacing one or all three of the above? Sector allocation is not relevant in this case, and I do not currently own any FANG stocks.


Read Answer Asked by Alvin on July 26, 2022

Q: Please rank these for a 3 year hold. I'm down in all of them, except AAPL, ISRG & TSLA


Read Answer Asked by Austin on June 30, 2022

Q: Hi,
Iím thinking of doing some tax loss selling. Can you suggest proxies for the following companies: Roku, Trade Desk, Twilio, Unity Software and Zoom Video.

Would you also be able to suggest an ETF that would serve as a proxie for all of them? Iím thinking of a high-growth-stock ETF like the SPYG.


Read Answer Asked by Camille on June 20, 2022

Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm down considerably in these US stocks in a taxable account: APPS, DIS, DXCM, EXPI, FB, NET, NFLX, U, and UPST.

I would like to crystallize some losses.

Could you please suggest:

1. The stocks I should sell outright (and suggest a replacement);

2. The stocks I should sell and then re-buy in 30 days (and suggest a proxy); and

3. The stocks I should continue to hold.

Feel free to subtract as many credits as required.

Thank you for your valuable advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on June 13, 2022

Q: I am down on the following stocks and wondering if i should sell so i can claim the loss on my losing positions % + loss as follows LSPD- 55%, NFLX - 59%, SHOP -47%, NVEI -45%, GSY-47%, KXS - 28%, GM - 39%, TFII - 24%, PFE - 16%. Does it make sense to sell now and maybe buy some back after 30 calendar days or do you think i should keep some of them and ride out the downturn ? can yo comment on what i should keep or sell in order of preference... your help is appreciated

Read Answer Asked by Terence on June 13, 2022