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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Repligen is trading close to the 52-week low and would welcome your analysis of their recent operating performance and market potential looking forward.  Post-pandemic and mindful of competitors in the same space does their stock have any opportunity to excel in the coming year, and if held as a position in a long-term growth portfolio, could you please rank the appeal of Repligen in descending order versus your go-to favorites in the same general space.  Thanks kindly for your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 07, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

For Guardant Health (GH) would you recommend holding or selling at this time?

If selling is your recommendation please provide 5 US healthcare stocks that have good prospects in the near to long term.

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on June 24, 2023
Q: Since the healthcare sector in Canada is quite limited, I would like to explore the option of purchasing 100% US healthcare stocks to better represent this sector. I would greatly appreciate it if you could suggest six stocks that I should consider. Thank you in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Esther on June 23, 2023
Q: I Just received a Notice of Pendency and Proposed Partial Settlement of Class Action for shareholder of Bioverative (Biogen spin off). I had 83 shares of BIVV. Can you please explain 1) is this a "legitimate" lawsuit and what exactly is the lawsuit about 2) reading the material i have a hard time understanding if I am automatically part of the potential settlement or do I need to do anything to participate? I never filled anything out so was surprised to see this arrive in the mail and finally 3) if I need to do anything is it worth my time and energy and if so, that action do I need to take.

Thank you for your guidance
Read Answer Asked by Scott on June 13, 2023
Q: I just sold off my Biogen holding and am looking for a replacement within the healthcare sector. I held Biogen for over 3 years and exited with a nice return, but I have to say that I did not enjoy the wild ride and price swings as it seemed to trade solely on its new Alzheimer’s drug advancements and setbacks. So now I am looking to replace it with something a little more stable but still with the expectation of slow and steady growth. What would be your top 1 or 2 picks be today for both the US and Canada that might fit. I already own Savaria and XLV so something besides these.
Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 18, 2022
Q: With the senior demographic gaining in numbers what is your feeling about ADUS as an outpatient and home healthcare company.

Could you please list your top 3 recommendations, in both US and Canada, for this Healthcare industry.
Read Answer Asked by micheal on August 10, 2021
Q: Hi group assume that the variants / Corvid gets much worse - what top 3 sectors + top 3 stocks do you recommend going fwd - Thanks for your thoughts on this
Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 13, 2021
Q: For asset allocation I follow AlphaBeta which suggest 6% for. Basic Materials I have 1.35%. Any suggestions for additions to this sector?
In Health Care it suggest 9% I have 6.44% mainly1.45 % in Well the rest must be from holdings in ETFs . Any suggestions.?
Read Answer Asked by Roy on July 13, 2021
Q: Hello 5i,
Income value investor with some growth stocks. Just received 16 shares of OGN. At 75 years I don't think I want to wait for "maybe" some growth. No dividend either. I would just sell them and by a few more MRK. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on June 11, 2021
Q: My portfolio is a little out of balance when it comes to healthcare stocks.

I am considering: WELL.CA, VEEV.US, GH:US, SYK.US, BIIB.US, ABBV:US, AMGN:US. (I already own IHI and BAX)
Are there others that you would add to the list?
Is there an ETF that you would recommend?
Could you please rank the above stocks with regards to 3-5 year hold?
I sold my position in GUD about a year ago.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 10, 2020
Q: Hi group what's your top 4 sectors /stocks/etfs in the US assuming Biden is going to the white house the market seems to like the set up with Biden winning but Senate going to republicans Thanks for your insight
Read Answer Asked by Terence on November 06, 2020
Q: Dear Amazing 5i Team: I would like to take a small position in one more growth stock in my TFSA. Currently own KXS, WELL, APPL and TSLA in TFSA. Took your advice to hold growth stocks in TFS and doing v well with KKS and WELL thanks to your picks.
Read Answer Asked by Dr Lorraine on November 05, 2020
Q: hi group I asked a question on bio tech last Wed - no response as of yet ? - please follow up. The question was do you like the sector/ and what ETFs /top 3 individual stocks do you recommend thanks
Read Answer Asked by Terence on October 19, 2020
Q: I currently have PFE, GILD, MDT and ABBV in my Healthcare sector. I am looking to add a couple of names - I have been looking at MRK and BMY - your opinion please on these AND can you provide some other US healthcare companies that might be of interest to you at this time. Greatly appreciate your comments.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on October 06, 2020
Q: I want to build a stock portfolio of US Tech/Healthcare Stocks today with 20 Stocks for the next 10 years with growth being the main driver preferably with low debt, what companies would you recommend. Thanks for your useful advice.
Read Answer Asked by Imtiaz on August 17, 2020
Q: What are 10 best picks in USA for next 2 years. What is your view on CAT & FDX

Read Answer Asked by bob on August 17, 2020
Q: I hold these 2 US stocks in a well diversified CAN/US portfolio. They have not performed as well as many of their peers and I am wondering if they are "best of breed" and worth holding or if there are better opportunities for growth elsewhere. Could you please comment on the future prospects of these 2 stocks and if its best to keep them or redeploy the funds elsewhere. If redeploy, what would you recommend as replacements in the US, sector allocation aside with a focus on growth
Read Answer Asked by Scott on June 26, 2020