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Q: I am reading about the benefits of adding commodities to a portfolio (PIMCO /Ibbotson 2006 study). Low correlation with other assets, positive correlation to inflation, optimal allocation from 9 to 29%.

Any overarching comments on the pros and cons of commodities in a portfolio?

Can you recommend how a regular DYI investor might try to add exposure to this area?Ö an ETF? Any specific securities you recommend taking a closer look at? I donít want to be buying pork belly contracts!

Lastly, suggestion on ranges of how much commodities should represent in a portfolio? A conservative investor would be X% while an an aggressive investor would be Y%.
Read Answer Asked by Simon on December 21, 2023
Q: I was interested in Stifelís recent bullish long term forecast for commodities. Do you share in their enthusiasm, and can you suggest a favoured ETF and several preferred stocks in the sector. Thanks, Don
Read Answer Asked by Don on September 07, 2023
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