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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you suggest public traded companies that focus on restoration after environmental events (i.e. fires, hurricanes and floods)?

Read Answer Asked by Danny on August 30, 2023

Q: Can I please have your opinion on whether these two businesses have long term growth potential? Have been losers in my portfolio and wondering if it’s time to move on or if patience is needed. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on August 22, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,

I want to add 1 of the following consumer related US companies to an income portfolio with some growth:

COST (good growth, very small dividend)
WMT (good growth, small dividend)
AMZN (Good growth, No dividend)
KVUE (good products, good dividend, not as much growth)

Please review them, rank them in order of preference for a long term hold. If you have a better alternative, please include it.

Please deduct 5 credits, 1 for each company and 1 for the other possibility.

I look forward to your review.

Read Answer Asked by John on August 21, 2023

Q: please identify top consumer discretionary stocks that meet criterion you recently identified for industrials - strong competitive advantage, growth runway, strong management, value creation and high ROE that are currently buyable

Read Answer Asked by sam on August 15, 2023

Q: hi, portfolio analytics says I am underweight basic materials, consumer defensive, healthcare and industrials. can you provide a few Canadian and US equities in each category, that you would consider for medium to long term investment.
cheers, chris ( take as many credits as you need ).
further, I am overweight in utilities ( 18.6% of total holdings ) and financials ( 25.5 %). do you recommend trimming these 2 sectors? and in financials I own BN and BAM ( which I would suspect actually have cross-over with other sectors? )??
cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on June 23, 2023

Q: Good morning 5i:
Next year I will be retiring, and currently I have the outlined stocks in my RRSP, I'm happy with all of them, I think I would like to sell some of them (or trim down, slowly -no rush) and buy stocks/etf that will provide resilience , some yield, and perhaps some growth , can you please provide me with some ideas, 3 or more , I was thinking BN, add more to VFV.
Please use as many credits as required.

THANK YOU for all your help.

Read Answer Asked by Fernando on June 15, 2023

Q: Please suggest a list of 10 US stocks that would be suitable to implement a covered call income portfolio. I plan to use one month options. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 06, 2023

Q: Which company to buy at this time for near term price appreciation. Any other suggestions in consumer staples. Your PA suggests I should increase consumer staples (no staples in my portfolio at this time).

Read Answer Asked by satish on June 02, 2023

Q: I did reorganise my portfolios in 2022 for a majority of diversified dividend ETFs and a minority of selected excellent dividend stocks.This strategy was satisfactory ,and I shall not sell this content in 2023.My strategy in 2023 will consider the possibility of a bear market,I shall only " add-on" some stocks on weakness .Could you list 10 canadian+10 us stocks ( not ETFs), among the safest in a bear market in your opinion,including 7 dividend stocks+3 growth stocks for each list,and rank them for safety if possible,many thanks,JY

Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on May 09, 2023

Q: Hi Everyone!! Peter, I always enjoy your article in the National Post. In this past one” Five things I wish I knew when I started out”…. You mentioned as one of your points , that companies that don’t need any money at all are the best investments . Could you please list a few Canadian and US companies that are in that situation?

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on April 12, 2023

Q: Hi Peter & Team:

Of the above consumer stocks , could u rank them from 1-5 (least prefer to most prefer)
Secondly, are they at the attractive price to buy now? What would be a good price to get in.

Take as many credits as you see fit. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on March 10, 2023

Q: I am underweight in consumer defensive stocks and in US exposure in my RRSP. What would your top US consumer defensive picks be?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Louise on February 27, 2023

Q: Hi Guys,

What do you think of my 12 stocks that are performing poorly in a hot market like we're in so far this yr.

Is it the sectors they're in or are have they peaked and are expensive.

Buy more, trim or sell them all ?

Do you add to these or sell them?



Thank you & Happy New yr!

Read Answer Asked by Nick on February 02, 2023

Q: Hello, please name the top 3 stocks among these in terms of expected total return in the next 5 years, with a short explanation for your picks. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Martin on January 18, 2023

Q: Hi:

Are you able to list a few factors that let Costco trade at P/E of ~37X while TD Bank trades at ~9.5x and pays a superior dividend to Costo? It "feels" like TD is a bargain but obviously day after day someone / some algorithm feels Costco stock provides equally good value.

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Marilou on December 14, 2022