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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Looking for your advice on stocks with accelerating capital returns, excluding IT, for 5 year hold.
Read Answer Asked by sam on June 05, 2024
Q: Could you please provide 3-4 names of US companies that you buy now in each of the following sectors: Technology, communications, industrial, discretionary, and Materials.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on April 01, 2024
Q: Which US industrials represent the best combo of dividends and growth potential? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by alex on March 28, 2024
Q: Would you also provide me with 5 Industrials and tech in the USA that are not over-valued.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on March 06, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,

The following companies are being released as CDRs tomorrow: BlackRock Inc., Constellation Brands Inc., Deere & Co., Palo Alto Networks Inc., ServiceNow Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Please rate them bases on long term componders, shareholder friendly and valuation.

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on February 14, 2024
Q: What is your view on Wajax? As a smaller market cap with yield, is it a decent alternative to the bigger names like CAT, TIH or FTT? If not, which is your preferred name at these levels and why? Thanks and deduct the necessary credits...
Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 26, 2024
Q: The magnificent 7 have had a nice run in 2023. Assuming that the market is broadening out, can you suggest around 5 to 10 US stocks and/or ETFs where money is rotating to. Medium risk stocks. Also what sectors should benefit in the next phase of the economic cycle?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 15, 2023
Q: Do you consider the above companies to be "growth"? Looking for a category for them.
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on September 13, 2023
Q: Would you please list your top 10 companies that will face severe headwinds going into a recession / renewing debt at higher interest rates / margin erosion / no pricing power / unprofitable tech? - this was asked and you said the list would longer if it was asked the other way around, can I have the list of this question asked the other way around?
Read Answer Asked by Ashleigh on August 23, 2023
Q: I need to increase my industrial sector. Can you please suggest ones with a focus on dividend growth. This is in a non registered account. I already own CNR.
Thanks for your help.
Read Answer Asked by Anna on July 04, 2023
Q: Hello, with the current inflation scene, economy and interest rates, expectations of a pause by Federal Reserve and possibility of a soft landing, what sectors will be your favorites to invest/overweight today with a 5-10 years horizon ? And, in these sectors, what will be your best 3 picks, based on current valuation and future growth, in order, with suggested price levels to buy/add ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on June 08, 2023
Q: Hello Folks:
We are interested in purchasing Mercedes Benz (New York Stock Exchange): perhaps a 5 %% weighting.
Merc stock appears having decent upside in addition to a 7% dividend.
We are considering selling perhaps some Visa, REMX, Johnson Controls, Manual Life, or reducing some energy companies etc. to raise funds for this purpose. We could also thin down big Tech however feel these Tech stocks will have some wind in their sales.
How would you compare outlook for Mercedes Benz with industrials such as John Deere, Cat, Cummins etc. We are Merc fans, however don't wish being over enthusiastic.
Thanks again for all you contribute!!!
Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 25, 2023
Q: Need to rebuild industrial sector holdings - assume a clean slate. What percentage to invest in each subcategory with top picks [some suggested names-please provide your 2 or 3 top picks] and target buy price would be very helpful. (1) Engineering & Construction- WSP, NVEE, J, KBR, ETN and PWR [for electrification]; (2) Transportation- CNR, CP, TFII, CJT; (3) Goods: LMT, NOC, TDG, BWXT, DE, FLNG, FREY; (4) Services: WCN, GFL, TRI. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by sam on November 30, 2022
Q: Countering inflation, can you recommend your favourite 6 companies in Canada and the US with pricing power (dividend payers would be appreciated) Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 27, 2022
Q: Hello Folks:
Currently we own CMI and NOC however have in the past also owned DEERE and CAT.

We have owned NOC for a couple of years and it never comes close to meeting expectations; while the other three have done well.

What do you think of swapping NOC for DEERE as there is heavy demand for farm equipment this year because of high crop prices (particularly U.S.).

How would you rank these four companies and do you feel there are other better large cap U.S. company choices in this sector?

Thanks again for this wonderful service
Read Answer Asked by Brian on September 28, 2021