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Review of BRP Inc

JUL 04, 2017 - Powersport vehicle and propulsion system manufacturer and distributor that initiated a new dividend, is buying back shares and faces international growth opportunities. Board structure does offset some of the positives. Initiating coverage at 'B'.

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Q: I asked this question yesterday, however it appears it was missed:
"I have some cash to allocate for RRSP & TFSA portfolios and would like your opinion for the above list for both CDA and US.
For RRSP: Which two from each CAD and US would you buy today (after the stormy few days) for a more conservative hold 3-5 years, that would potentially have less volatility while continuing to grow sales and earnings.

For TFSA: Which two from each CAD and US would you buy today for more growth opportunity and share appreciation in the next 3-5 years.
Please give your reasons for the ones you would choose without sector allocation considerations.
I currently hold TSGI & MX (down on both) but am ok with that."

Read Answer Asked by Joseph on October 29, 2018
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