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Review of TerraVest Industries Inc.

MAR 12, 2024 - TVK operates as a diversified industrial company that produces and markets goods and services to a variety of different end markets including agriculture, energy, mining, transportation, etc. TVK has managed to create significant shareholder value over the long term. We think the story of TVK as a potential long-term compounder is still in its early innings. We think investors could do well holding TVK at the current valuation over the long term. Rating initiated at B+.

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Q: Hi, We have some large capital gains crystallized this year, as a result of trimming of some overweight holdings and rebalancing of our Taxable account portfolio. The two securities, we have some losses in, are DRX and TVK. We are toying with a plan to sell those positions in full ( 2% and 1.75%, respectively) in order to book some losses to help us offset the large gains.

We also intend to buy back full or partial positions, after 30 days, as these are some of highly recommended companies by 5i.

Considering that both stocks are trading close to their recent lows, do you see any merit in this strategy ? Are there any catalysts, in the near term for these companies, which could be favourable to stocks but pose a risk to our buyback plan ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 15, 2024
Q: Hi, These two stocks are off their recent lows but still trading significantly below their 52 week highs. Based on your comments, their valuations are still attractive compared to the historic average and their peers. Are there any near term catalysts, in your view, which could propel the stocks higher, back to their glory ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 03, 2024
Q: Do you thing Small/Mid cap companies will do well in next 2 to 3 years?

What are your top 5 Canadian and US names in this space that you would buy today?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on June 26, 2024
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