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Q: I am interested in buying some mid- to small-cap stocks. I am tracking some of the ones you mentioned and am considering them.

For non-experts though, it seems like it would be better to go the ETF route on such companies. Do you agree and can you recommend a couple of options in CAD and USD.
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on March 06, 2024
Q: I recently retired and looking to place some of my savings into the market with a 5 year horizon at which time I will re-evaluate. Will tolerate a moderate to light risk. Could you please recommend 3 or 4 stocks or etf’s for my TFSA and 5-6 stocks for growth. Appreciate all your efforts. Thank you. Brian
Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 07, 2024
Q: Indications are that the market breathe is improving and therefore various analysts are recommending the small cap Russel 2000 index. Would you agree and therefore have a suggestion or suggestions of how to invest in this potential opportunity. My other question is would there be a Russell 2000 ETF that you would recommend and a Russell 2000 high growth ETF that you know of?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by kim on January 05, 2024
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