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Q: Just wondering if you would offer an opinion on what the likelihood is that both of these ETF’s could be higher a year from now? I guess what I am trying to ask is whether small caps in general might “revert to the mean” in terms of their historic relationship to larger caps regardless of whether growth or value is more in favour/out of favour?


Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on February 28, 2022

Q: Hi,

Your answers to one of the subscriber's questions regarding Value stocks included embeded inks to research articles. (I think the reader quoted Mr. Swedroe and you responded with differing views from others).
Those embeded links were awesome but my "head hurt" after reading them! Dense, filled with a lot of details. Left me with the impression that it is definitely worth buying Value stocks/ETFs. Small/Medium companies?

BUT there are so many ETFs to consider. An article on Value ETFs is begging to be written by you!

What is your short list of Value ETFs, listed in the US and in Canada?

Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on February 09, 2022
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