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Q: Hi team,

With 22 tech stocks weighting some 34% of my portfolio, I assume you would recommend that I rationalize my approach for a better diversification, both in my tech sector and in my portfolio as a whole.

To accomplish that, while keeping a strong growth approach, could you indicate which are, in your view, 1) the « must own » stocks, in order of importance 2) those which could be dropped because of « double emploi » or high risk, 3) those missing to properly cover the tech sector ?

Please feel free to use as many credits as you see fit.

Gratefully yours,

Jacques IDS

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on November 15, 2020

Q: I am down in XEI and ZRE about 20% and 25% respectively;
in DGRO 2%.
Do you think it is worth waiting for a turnaround or should I
look to exchange for something more hopeful?
Although DGRO is only down a bit it has never gone up.
Would something like VUG be more growthy?
I would appreciate your assessment.

Read Answer Asked by Sam on October 20, 2020

Q: Good day!

I've noticed a trend with respect to your recommendations for RESP ETF holdings with a longer timeframe (10-15yrs). You seem to like VGRO +/- IWO. I'm looking for growth and can tolerate risk. Currency doesn't matter.

VGRO has a 19.9% weighing of bond ETF's and the rest are a combination of other vanguard ETF's. In looking at performance since its inception, it lags behind IWO which often lags behind the S&P 500 ETFs. From a non-expert viewpoint it would seem that a combination of large and mid cap US/CAN ETF's would achieve similar purpose and improve returns by eliminating the bond component.

1. What am I missing re VGRO? is it that the bond component satisfies the usual 80/20 combination as an all-in-one and is simply easy?

2. If you were to improve the 'all-in-one' VGRO using a combination of ETF's, which US/CAN growth/index ETF's would you assemble to eliminate the bond component? Perhaps a combination of XIC, VFV/ZSP/VOO, VTI, VUG, ZQQ or others you think work better?

3. Out of the S&P 500 ETF's, do you have a preference between ZSP or VFV? Is there an advantage to holding the US listed SPY, IVV or VOO vs the Canadian-listed? and if so, which do you prefer?

4. If you were to devote 25% of the RESP to high potential equities, which would you choose?


Read Answer Asked by Bart on October 20, 2020
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