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Q: Hi , Starting my 5 month old grand daughter's RESP. After reading all your other suggestions to other members, I am thinking of VEQT for the diversification of world markets and VUG for that extra torque and US dollar exposure. Would you add anything else here or suggest otherwise? I thank-you in advance. Sam

Read Answer Asked by sam on April 09, 2021

Q: Hi guys - you've mentioned a few times that the market has shifted from growth to value recently. Assuming we can't time the market with any consistency over the long term, how could someone who is dollar cost averaging take advantage of theses rotations in the future from an ETF perspective? Would it make sense to buy VUG (growth) and VTV (value) and actively purchase more when one fund is considered "down"? Is there a strategic way to determine which fund you would allocate more dollars to with each monthly purchase? Thanks for the guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Marc on April 07, 2021
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