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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Yesterday, in an answer to a question about a small cap ETFs, you referred to XSU. That appears to be Canadian hedged but has a double layer of holdings by way of holding a share in a US fund, making it less efficient tax wise. Are there any other funds trading in Canada that are hedged but own the holdings directly? If so, can you pls indicate if you see them as a suitable place to invest. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on July 27, 2023
Q: I listed in descending order securities that under performed since their 2022 highs. Please rank the securities in order of the best chance to recover their losses when we get back to the risk on mode. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on July 25, 2023
Q: If I understand what I have been reading in your comments is that small caps in general are down but have good potential if the economy gets back on track. What would be your favourite Canadian traded ETF to capture a small-cap rebound in Canada and your favourite that trades in the US?
Read Answer Asked by David on July 24, 2023
Q: Hello, I asked a question, not long ago, on XSU. Thank you for your answer. Now, I would like you to compare it to XSMC. I know it is way smaller, but the returns have been much better the past 2 and 3 years, 15 to 20% better (I know they don’t follow the same index). This order of magnitude is still surprising to me, unless much of it is a function of the exchange rate fluctuation. I know it is difficult to evaluate, but is this outperformance likely to continue? Is the small size of this ETF a dealbreaker? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Martin on June 12, 2023
Q: Wondering if you still feel like the small-capitalization U.S. stocks are showing value going forward? Even with the YTD 9.59 return?
Wondering if you know of a ETF similar to XSU.CA that's tilted towards GROWTH, can be unhedged.

Read Answer Asked by Shawn on March 09, 2023
Q: This fund which was a great fund years ago will shortly be converted into a lower MER fund which I appreciate. However, this got me to look closer at recent performance which I don't think has been very good. I am considering switching it to something else. Can you recommend an ETF or another fund that would be a good replacement. We don't have a lot of foreign exposure other than this fund and a Mawer fund (MAW102) but we are otherwise very diversified in individual stocks.
Read Answer Asked by Earl on March 30, 2022
Q: Do to a few errors/mistakes in switching brokerages, I ended up removing these from an RRSP and TFSA accounts and left them in limbo in a non- reg account. I am aware of the serious overlap among the RBF266, XDV,CDZ and XIU. (They were in separate accounts at one time). If I should consolidate, what are your thoughts? What stays and what goes? If I were to begin selling and adding stocks, I was thinking BAM.A and ?Twenty year time frame. Have maxed TFSA.
Cheers and thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Paul on February 07, 2022
Q: My unregistered investment account has a 50% core of VEQT and 5 equally weighted satellites; CEW, VGG, XSU, ZEO and ZQQ. I am considering overweighting CEW and ZEO. Do you think this is a good idea, would you use some of the other satellites or just stick with equal weighting. I would like to maximize the return without unduly increasing the risk. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on January 09, 2022
Q: I hold the US portion of my portfolio in my RRSP. It represents roughly 20% of my total investment. I do not need to convert to RRIF for another 5 years and at that time will be taking the minimum required.
I currently hold ZQQ; ZPAY; ZDY; ZWH; ZSP.
I am thinking of switching my holdings to the following in roughly equal amounts: ZPAY; VUN; ZSP; ZNQ; XSU.
The objective is to get better coverage of the total US market through XSU and VUN. Maintain coverage of S&P 500 through ZSP. For Tech switching to non hedged via ZNQ. ZPAY will still provide good income with perhaps some downside protection through its options strategy.
Your thoughts and recommendations of alternatives.
The rest of my portfolio in my Non-Registered account and TFSA follow a mixture of your 3 portfolios which by the way have provide me with a return of 12 - 15% in the past 6 plus years.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on September 08, 2021
Q: To get some exposure to small caps, I invested in MAW150 late last year; I wonder if XSU has done better in the same time frame. If so, any idea why? And if so, would you switch to XSU? I intend to hold for what I see as the medium term, 2-3 years. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on February 11, 2021