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Q: Hello, can you evaluate the new Mawer Us Mid Cap Equity Fund. There is a write up on it in morningstar. It is run by the same manager as the New Canada Fund, which is closed.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on September 30, 2021

Q: Good day. This is more of an informational request on brokerages and processing day orders. I ordered 500 shares of XMH today (Itrade), which at that time had a price of 24.50. I put in a limit order and got a partial fill of 200 shares. But I could see, after a short time, that there were bids for higher than 24.50 and it was near end of day. I raised my limit bid to 24.55, and got another 200 shares. At 3.59 to finish the order I changed it to a market order and got the last 100 at 24.60.
Throughout this the actual price/value of the stock never changed from 24.50. It remained at 24.50 at end of day. I had thought that a stock/etf exchanging hands for a higher price would raise the value of that stock/etf?

Read Answer Asked by John on April 02, 2021
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