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Q: I'm split at 20% ETF and 80% stock. Going into 2024 where do you see the canadian market vs the S&P or MSCI EAFE ? The US has outperformed the other 2 in 2023 as usual but do you believe that this continues into 2024? Could you comment on the 3 and what are the chances for the Canadian and International markets to perform better than they have in the coming years?
Read Answer Asked by Yves on November 20, 2023
Q: Hello Peter,
From an earlier question on VFV in terms of foreign taxes, it looks like there is a double taxation as VFV invests in US ETF not directly in US stocks.. I would think i am better off with xsp excepts the etf hedges. Would i better off just investing in SPY or is there another ETF that is like VFV but invests directly in US stocks.. Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 26, 2023
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