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Q: Hello Peter,
Is VFV and XSP about the same except one is hedged? I have held Sienna and Chartwell for a long time and I thought from a demographic point , they would be great long term holds.. I am down alot but the dividend is great. Are these two good long term holds or since covid, the recovery maybe too long of a time given the high interests that we see. Thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on November 02, 2022

Q: 1.For Canadian coverage would you choose xic, vcn or xiu?
2.Would it be worth putting half the total amount in one of the above(xic, vcn, or xiu)and the other half in vdy?
3.For the U,S. allocation should I choose vig or spy which both require payment in u.s. dollars which I don't have, or would it be adequate to simply choose vun.

Thanks in advance. I plan to hold these allotments for many years and I appreciate dividends but do not need them for my living expenses.

Read Answer Asked by Astrid on September 20, 2022

Q: Hi there, I'm building a portfolio based on the 4% withdrawal rule. I read a study where based on country specific stock market data, the 4% withdrawal rule only worked in Canada, US and maybe 3 other countries. Based on this study and using history as a guide - if one were to build a portfolio with 50/50 Canada and US exposure, would it be best to use VCE and VFV or VCE and XSP? Also, if VCE is not the most appropriate Canadian ETF, what would be the most suitable? I've seen XIU, XIC and VCN often mentioned, but it appears like VCE has a slight outperformance?


Read Answer Asked by Michael on September 15, 2022
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