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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, can you evaluate the new Mawer Us Mid Cap Equity Fund. There is a write up on it in morningstar. It is run by the same manager as the New Canada Fund, which is closed.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on September 30, 2021

Q: Good day. This is more of an informational request on brokerages and processing day orders. I ordered 500 shares of XMH today (Itrade), which at that time had a price of 24.50. I put in a limit order and got a partial fill of 200 shares. But I could see, after a short time, that there were bids for higher than 24.50 and it was near end of day. I raised my limit bid to 24.55, and got another 200 shares. At 3.59 to finish the order I changed it to a market order and got the last 100 at 24.60.
Throughout this the actual price/value of the stock never changed from 24.50. It remained at 24.50 at end of day. I had thought that a stock/etf exchanging hands for a higher price would raise the value of that stock/etf?

Read Answer Asked by John on April 02, 2021

Q: For RESP investments for my 3 grandchildren (ages 7, 9 and 11), I am pretty sure I'd like to choose XIT, partly because it's Canadian and I recognize the names of the top 10 holdings. I would like to be fairly aggressive. But I also would. like to complement XIT with another ETF without being overweight in (any?) energy or financials. In fact, probably no energy and underweight financials. Something fairly balanced without technology, but still growth tilted. I'd like it to be TSX traded in Canadian dollars, but it does not have to hold all Canadian stocks. Another option would be to complement XIT with one or two individual companies but not sure I could get the diversification that way. Would like to keep it simple, if possible. Is there a Canadian equivalent to IWO or an equivalent that trades in Canada in Canadian dollars? Or would that type of ETF already be overweight technology, minimizing diversification? In short, diversified with a growth tilt and in Canadian dollars but not too much technology overlap with XIT. Thanks for your help on this. Much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on July 13, 2020

Q: Greetings,
I currently own ZWH, XQQ, and VUN as part of my US focus in my portfolio. I am looking to add another name or two. Time frame 5+ years. I prefer to remain with Canadian ETFs investing in the US. First of all, do you see too much overlap here? I have room to add to all 3. Can you provide 3 stable dividend ETFs you might suggest to add and a couple of growth ETFs that might complement my current holdings? Thanks in advance. KEN

Read Answer Asked by KEN on August 28, 2019

Q: In reply to my recent question about my mutual funds - TD US Mid-Cap growth, TD US Blue Chip and Fidelity Global Innovators, you advised that they could be replaced with lower-cost ETFs. Please advise which ETFs you would recommend as replacements.

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 04, 2019