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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I'm interested in the payments/financial services sector...

1. Please rate/rank the following: 1 through 10 if you had new money to deploy in this sector...
- I understand not all the same...
- If any new ideas/companies, please list as well...

2. Who do you think will win the Grey Cup ? Are you doing odds and taking bets with 5i ?? - Sports-book Division in the future ??

Have a good week!

Read Answer Asked by michael on December 08, 2021

Q: Hello - just wondering what you think about this company. Thanks! ATOS on NASD

Read Answer Asked by Ben on December 08, 2021

Q: I have noticed a lot more verification when I log into online accounts of various services (bank, shopping, etc). I'm curious if there is a company that manages all these text/phone verifications for the big players, and if it's publicly traded.

I think I recently saw with my gmail that they will be double verifying early this month.

If there is a publicly traded entity that does this, what are your thoughts on them?


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on December 08, 2021

Q: Hello Ryan, Peter and 5i Team,

Wondering if I can get your opinion on what one might do with Docusign? Having held it through the boom and now the bust, I'm not so sure that it will generate enough investor interest to return to its former peak within a reasonable timeframe (unless there is an extended Covid Lockdown 2.0).

What likelihood exists that it may be bought out at a decent premium, perhaps by Adobe? If your team is now somewhat lukewarm on this stock, can you please suggest 2-3 replacements that currently show higher growth potential.

Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Bradley on December 08, 2021

Q: To my previous question on why some analysts are showing the third quarter EPS of DOCU as (-) 0.58$/share, your reply was beacause of different ways of calculating it- adjusted or non adjusted. Is the street expectation of EPS based on adjusted or non adjusted figures? Even then, I am a sure that values of EPS arrived through different accounting standards, would not be the same numerically. Here, it is + 0.58$ as reported by DOCU( including 5i) and negative 0.58$ reported by some analysts like Scotia . Please enlighten me if I have misunderstood something. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Sriram on December 08, 2021

Q: Hello, earlier this year I bought tesla at $590. I have watched it rapidly grow to what I believe overvalued. I set a 15% stop loss and I sold at $1045 I'm quite happy with this transaction. Do you think Im I wrong for getting out? Should I get back in? If I made the right move, can you recommend 2 stocks that I should look at? (Take as many credits for this.)

Read Answer Asked by Ziaad on December 07, 2021

Q: Hi Everyone at 5i!!!! I recently purchase APPS and am now down 42.3%. Ouch! I am usually a buy and hold type of gal, but this was quite a drop over a short period of time. Is it just the rotation out of the tech sector or is there something wrong with the company? Would it be prudent to take a loss to offset another gain, and buy back at a later date?? January say...
Thank you for all your wisdom!! Tamara

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on December 07, 2021

Q: Third quarter Earnings report released by DOCU on Dec 02 shows an EPS of plus ( +) 0.58$/share. Whereas most of the stock reports by analysts including Scotia Bank and Thomson Reuters show the same as minus (-) 0.58$/share. The mean street expectations were +0.46$/share. You too have mentioned in your comments on the earnings that EPS for the quarter exceeded the expectations by 26 %. Can you please explain which one is true ? Many thanks for your advices.

Read Answer Asked by Sriram on December 07, 2021

Q: Please give me your thoughts on ROKU, and whether you see this current price as a buying opportunity, or simply too banged up? Do you feel the price could return back to itís all time high numbers ?

Also, I currently hold TT, and was wondering which other growth industrial US stock would be a good addition for an RSP? Top 3 picks in order please

Lastly, please rank HD, COSTCO and WMT

Thanks so much


Read Answer Asked by Nick on December 07, 2021

Q: I am a 49 year old Canadian with $50,000 Cdn in TFSA and $25,000 in RRSP. I would like some names to build a portfolio. High growth. Risk tolerance high. How much cash should I hold for dip buying. Right now I am overweight TSLA. It seems to me MSFT is a very good stock and I like its outlook and steady growth. A trusted friend recommends TSLA. Please suggest other names including ETFs. Could you rank the names with percentage allotments? 15 year outlook.

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on December 06, 2021

Q: Both Zoom and Docusign stocks sold off after earnings were announced. I'm looking for a list of a half dozen stocks that shined during the panemic and the date that they will next report earnings.

Read Answer Asked by Ward on December 06, 2021

Q: Hello 5i,

Could you please list your top 10 stocks (rank in order 1st to 10th) in Canada and the US to purchase now for a 3-5 year hold when considering current and future values?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on December 06, 2021

Q: With the 30 year US bond flirting with 1.7% I am wondering what 5i's take is relative to the current discussion about inflation and the taper. Conventional wisdom would suggest selling bonds should tend to move rates up as would expectations of higher inflation.
Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by michael on December 06, 2021

Q: Thank you for your comments on the earnings report earlier today. I am wondering what your thoughts were of the earnings call yesterday? Was there anything worth noting either positive or negative in their comments? It seemed like the de-acceleration really caught management off guard. It also appears that they may be increasing their investments in sales to get back to what got them there? If so, how would this impact their next quarterly results. Is there still room for good growth through new verticals and geography? Lastly, how close is DOCU from being profitable? Would that help shift stock sentiment despite potential slowing growth?

Thanks for always for your input especially on this type of big swing stock days.

Read Answer Asked by Justin on December 06, 2021