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Q: Hi Group can you please rate in order of your preference for short term trading not to buy and hold . Give me the ones with the most potential to grow. Most of the ones I have identified have been in the tank lately and should be ripe for some sort of recovery. Also if you have any good ideas that fit the criteria please feel free to add/rate the opportunity as you see it.
Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 15, 2024
Q: Hi Group can you please give me your top 3 picks for TSFA ( I am 74 years old but do nor require a dividend unless it fits with your recommendations ( i also have room for $50,000 Cad)

also what your top picks c/w short reason for the picks. for the leading 6 sectors as of today. regardless of US or CAD Thanks for your help it much appreciated
Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 11, 2024
Q: I am up 140% on NVDA and 65% up on DRX ( DRX has lost some gains recently

I am looking to maximize gains for the next 2 years.

I am planning to sell half of my NVDA shares and all my DRX shares to buy MU and AVGO.

The thought is that I want to cash some gains from NVDA and DRX might not grow much after the recent insider sale.

Does this sound like a good plan? Or do you think that NVDS, AVGO and MU are in similar markets and would suffer once AI-hype dies down in the next 2 years?

Do you have other alternatives for a 2 year hold? I am buying with Canadian dollars. So stocks need to be listed on TSX or NEO.

Read Answer Asked by v on July 10, 2024
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