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Q: I have been investigating MELI, and have found it to be an interesting stock to possibly add to my portfolio. Would you consider it to be a quality investment for 3-5+ years? Could you please compare it to AMZN and SHOP? Would it make sense to hold all three, or would there be too much overlap? I understand that MELI has a South American focus, so would MELI’s largest risk be government stability or intervention? Thanks for your assistance.
Read Answer Asked by Greg on February 13, 2024
Q: Motley Fool published its Top 10 stocks to buy now/ as of January

I have followed most of them for too long …..watching them go up. So, for me its buy now or wait for pullbacks which hasn’t worked so far.

My 4 favourites of the 10 are: Meli #1….NOW #2…ANET #7…TSLA …#3

Can I have 5i’s perspective please. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on February 12, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
not sure if you are comfortable giving ideas regarding International Large Caps stocks but I would like to do further research on Non-USA, Non-CAD that might meet the following criteria;
1. International stock that has a min. 10 to 15Y Total Return better than SP500.
2. Stock must be investable; meaning it is easy to buy from USA or CDN exchange with decent liquidity.
I already found the following which seem to meet these criteria; ACN, LVMUY, NOVO, Happy holidays!
Read Answer Asked by Ian on December 13, 2023
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