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Q: Hi 5i,

I'm new to the service and joined with the hope of finding an unbiased second opinion on my portfolio of stocks. I had the good fortune of purchasing in my TFSA SHOP ($1200); LSPD ($26.31); SE ($149); MELI ($769.45) and continue to hold. This year, not so good, I had purchased REAL ($18.16); ABST ($13.79); AT ($10.36) which with the exception of MX are all currently in the red.

My problem is that given my current YTD is at -13% I should probably shake up the TFSA. However, when I look at each stock individually I just can't bring myself to sell, I love the growth potential of them all.

I'm (obviously) ok with volatility in my portfolio and I do not anticipate needing the funds for 3+ years. I would appreciate your thoughts or ranking of these stocks in terms of growth potential from this point forward. Are there better stock opportunities I should consider out there for my TFSA ?

Thank you in advance.

Read Answer Asked by GREGORY on November 29, 2021
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