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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: At present What would be your top six stocks to buy for a 90,000$ TFSA contribution for sustainable growth.Any suggestions as to how to stage the purchase.?
Thank you for your remarkable service,Andrew
Read Answer Asked by ANDREW on April 18, 2024
Q: If you could only buy one of these companies for long term growth which would you make the case for? Obviously AMZN is an order of magnitude larger. They are both slotted into the consumer discretionary sector, but how closely do you see them tracking to the factors that would move that sector? Do you foresee AMZN initiating a dividend one day? Does any other U.S. name stand out to you that you vastly prefer? Thanks for your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on April 05, 2024
Q: This stock is up 3.1% YTD and 17.6% 1 Year.

Not a bad performance but certainly underperfoming the general market.

There are a lot of excellent companies on New York and Nasdaq that have a much steeper growth profile than QSR.

If you were to look at the universe of their consumer segment of the market which US company do you feel would have the highest growth potential over the next 3 years. (Other than SBUX)

With thanks

Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on April 03, 2024
Q: Could you please provide 3-4 names of US companies that you buy now in each of the following sectors: Technology, communications, industrial, discretionary, and Materials.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on April 01, 2024
Q: Hi -

It's usually enough to read the answers to other questions, but thought I would finally ask one. I am down on the three companies above. I am relatively new to investing and started in 2021 at all time highs. Being new to the stock market, it was interesting to watch some of my shares go down but for most part I am confident they are good long term and it is much more fun watching them go back up! I'm about 10 years away from retirement and for the most part plan to hold long term. Would you consider any of these a sell (PARA?), and add any of the following today...AVGO, HD, SBUX, AAPL. What would a few of your highest conviction US companies (any sector) be if not adding to those mentioned (already own MSFT, GOOGL,V). If considered a hold, I do have some cash to add or start a new position. I've been watching CROX, but just not purchased yet.

Thank you! Always enjoy reading the questions and monthly report updates.

Read Answer Asked by Patti on March 22, 2024
Q: Hi 5i
Croxs has been experiencing strong positive momentum especially since earnings. Can you explain the driving forces and who are the players driving this. ie: retail or institutional buyers?..Is this momentum being supported by insider buying/ownership?

I know 5i does not like to focus too much on share price estimates and I understand the market can "get ahead of itself" , but at what point would you consider this company "fairly priced"...

Read Answer Asked by jim on March 20, 2024
Q: I have some US cash and was looking at APH. There haven't been many questions on it. What do you think? I'm interested in growth. I will also be buying crox, axon and vertiv.
Read Answer Asked by Andrea on March 19, 2024
Q: Thank you for all you do. You are lowering my retirement age and it is greatly appreciated. Can you please rank the above consumer discretionary stocks?
Thanks again.
Read Answer Asked by Neil on March 18, 2024
Q: Good Day,

I picked up CELH and CROX based on the answer to my last question, and added in POWL to boot. Based on my portfolio in my previous question, was POWL something you would consider redundant in my account, or would you be fine with that type of addition in your portfolio.

I have been holding SNPS and CDNS for a minute now, and it just seems to bounce back and forth between +5% and -5%. Are these mostly growers on news and earnings? What are their respective Expected growth rates over the next 1 and 2 years?

This brings me to almost "fully deployed". I have noticed in the last couple weeks that the volatility in the market seems to have increased, and the average of that volatility seems to be sort of flat over this time. I have seen some videos and articles calling for the "AI Bubble" to burst, etc. Do you think there will be a cooling in that space coming? and if that occurs will the market follow it? I've seen many replies where you state that NVDA has a clear 18 month runway for growth, and thus I imagine the companies that support it as well, does that still hold true in your view? If said cooling could be coming, would it be worth the fees to say, shrink/cut some positions? Or is that too much like timing the market and thus better to stay in?

Thanks for everything,

Read Answer Asked by James on March 13, 2024
Q: May you provide an update on POOl. It was a frequent mention of your’s in the past.

How compelling does it appear currently?
Where does it rank in your favorites in the US consumer discretionary picks? If possible, suggest your ingest conviction names and include your ranking.

Thank you for your excellent service, as usual.
Read Answer Asked by Karim on March 12, 2024
Q: Hello 5i,

On Feb 28th 5i provided answers to Jacques and David on the top 10 US and CAD stocks to own in a TFSA. Thank you for that answer.

Can you please provide the top 12 stocks overall (CAD or US) in order of priority that should be in a TFSA? We have both US and CDN funds + CDR's. Diversity is not important at this time and we are anticipating that US stocks will outnumber CAD stocks in the top 12. Funds are not required for 6 years or more.

If this was your TFSA, would you have equal weighting or will one or more of the stocks have a higher weighting compared to other stocks? If yes, can you identify the stock(s) and the % of weighting? We can equal weight the remaining stocks.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Jerry on March 12, 2024
Q: I have been watching NVDA grow to an ever more out-sized percentage of my portfolio, and have been meaning to trim, but have delayed while I consider where to put the money.

Can you recommend some US growth options in either the consumer cyclical or healthcare sectors? I have a 5-10 year time range.
Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 12, 2024
Q: Thoughts on the dramatic reversal today in NVDA? Are these just the bots selling and then retail panicking causing more selling? Near term top? What are your general thoughts on the markets currently? Does tech need a cooling off period to reset? If you were trimming NVDA, what are some best ideas non tech or AI related to currently buy or add to? Long term investor and focused on keeping position sizing in line. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on March 08, 2024
Q: I know it's apples to oranges but here goes. Leaning more towards growth, which of these have more growth and why.

1- Between CROX and AXON which one?
2- Between WELL and DRX which one?

5 year hold minimum.


Read Answer Asked by Marco on March 08, 2024
Q: Good Day,

After your response to my last question, I have deliberating between CELH and CROX (one of your recommendations to expand my portfolio), as well as ELF (come up a lot Lately in the questions).

For your other recommendations of PSTG CRWD DDOG and PLTR, I do like their fundamentals AND their businesses. However, between what I hold already, and the business they're in, I'm worried that in a period when I'm focusing less on the markets, a major player in their space may offer a major, well polished, competitive product. For example, EMC, Hitachi, Oracle, etc could announce something that would slow/change the outlook on PSTG, and I could miss out on locking in some gains.

Also, I've noticed BDT is constantly hitting new highs. I've owned them here and there a few years back, but they've been killing it since then it appears.

So, with all that in mind, and the portfolio from my previous question, and the fact that CELH blew up yesterday (I got busy and didn't get to make my move when you responded earlier this week :( ). Which 2out of CELH, CROX, ELF, and BDT would you suggest? What inning in a baseball game would they be in their lifecycle, their risk, and growth potential, for each of these 4 options.

Thanks!! The last 6 weeks have been huge for me thanks to your help! Might have even shaved a year off my retirement age, so I'm incredibly happy with your service.
Read Answer Asked by James on March 05, 2024