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Q: Which clothing company do you prefer between lulu, goos and atz short term and long term?

Is QS attractive back in the $60 range, or what price should you find it attractive if any at this point?

Thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 06, 2021

Q: I purchased GOOS at about these levels but it seems, lately, to be heading steadily in the wrong direction. I bought it believing the china market could provide some strength as it appeared to be returning from COVID earlier than other countries. I realilize that there have been some negativre comments regarding the stock which may have lead to some of the decline. Is GOOS still worth holding or is there a better name out there to switch to?

Thanks for the great advice as always


Read Answer Asked by David on January 04, 2021

Q: Happy holidays to all at 5i. In this most difficult of years, it was great that you were all at our financial backs and gave us one less thing to stress about.

I purchased GOOS about a month ago on your recommendation. Since then you seem to be touting DOO more strongly. I don't normally chase stocks but I was wondering in this case if you feel a much stronger case can be made for DOO over GOOS? I only ask in this situation because I have always been leery of discretionary stocks - particularly those that are fashion related - because tastes can change very quickly, I am a buy and hold investor so I am not looking for a just quick flip.

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 21, 2020
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