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Q: I am very fortunate to be a member of 5I,Thanks
I wish you were actively advising on US stocks meanwhile however
for me to start please suggest some US stocks or etf for not very aggressive
stocks with high volatility but something like BNS,SLF,td in Canada Income is not my priority but steady growth is in my mind not stocks like canabis?
I appreciate your sugestion and has always benefited from them

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on March 19, 2019

Q: I hold the following technology companies for a 31.66% weighting in my portfolio. I need to reduce this to a maximum weighting of 20%. Given the holdings are long term, and I wish a balance between stability and aggressive growth in this sector, which of the above companies would you cut down or eliminate to achieve this goal? Current individual weights are; CSU 4.88%, GOOGL 4.94%, AAPL 4.8%,GIB.A 3.2%, SHOP 2.57%, PHO 2.56%,MU 3.27%, NVDA 3.22%, KXS 2.21%.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on March 18, 2019
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