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Q: Please rank these for a 3 year hold. I'm down in all of them, except AAPL, ISRG & TSLA


Read Answer Asked by Austin on June 30, 2022

Q: Good afternoon - I am about break even on a full NVDA position and am considering selling and purchasing QCOM. Both are well down from their highs and while NVDA may have a higher ceiling, QCOM does pay a dividend which I am eyeing with interest. What do you think, and why? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by alex on June 29, 2022

Q: Dear 5i
If i have a sufficient amount of ZSP in my portfolio is there a need to buy AMZN , AAPL . MSFT and GOOG stock individually , within an RRSP account ?
Bill C

Read Answer Asked by Bill on June 21, 2022
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