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Q: Just sold some Apple stock for two reasons. One, because the position was too large and two my potion in high tech stocks is also too high.
Need to redeploy the funds to healthcare Iím thinking of NVO or LLY.
What would you recommend and an entry point as well as the reason for the choice.

Thanks to the 5i team

Read Answer Asked by Joe on June 13, 2024
Q: I do not have a position in Microsoft , but I still have what hs become a relatively modest position in AAPL. I don't really want to increase the amount I have in technical stocks nor do I have the cash at this time. So , I am considering selling half my Apple shares and buying Microsoft with the proceeds. This would be in a registered account. Would you consider this advisable at this time ?

Thanks in advance,
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on June 10, 2024
Q: Good morning 5i
I am using Berkshire as a kind of etf for the US market. The problem i have is that it is classified as in the Financial sector. It looks more like a conglomerate of businesses, though. And that is how it is listed on your asset allocation model. But, i feel that it skews my asset allocation in classifying it thus. First if all, should I try to change its asset allocation classification from just financial? And secondly, is there any easy way to do that on your portfolio tracking tool?
Thanks for the great service
Read Answer Asked by joseph on June 04, 2024
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