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Q: I have a 1% position in DOO and was planning on increasing it. With the recent fall off in price, this seems like an opportunity. However, it is a bit surprising given good results! Anything to worry about ? Good time to add or wait ?
I own NVDA & Qcom - both close to 5%. I notice in a response to to a question about entry points for NVDA that you suggest around $200. Does that mean you expect a significant pullback in the near future? If so, would that apply to Qcom as well ? Would reducing both positions by half be appropriate ?

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on March 24, 2023

Q: Hello Folks:
As many others I have been hanging onto our Tech stocks (Goog, Amazon and Apple) hopping improvement is in sight.

Currently in consumer stocks we own Costco and Johnson and Johnson and media advises are diversifying more into this segment (eg. Mendalez, P&G etc.) useful strategy.

Do you think thinning down Tech is good advice? Perhaps utilities such as Enbridge could also be good defensive play. We are seniors valuing dividends with which Tech world is parsimonious. Apple appears the best bet in Tech as they actually produce and sell real products. Everything changes, however we value your thoughts and suggestions of including specific equity options (including an ETF). Currently I do not own any ETF's as I have preferred individual companies.
Thank you very much

Read Answer Asked by Brian on March 21, 2023

Q: Good morning and happy Friday.

Here is a fun little exercise, if you had 1 million $ concentrated portfolio of 5-10 stocks and had a goal of an average 6%-8% return annually via combination of dividend and capital appreciation of holdings what stocks would you own? Canadian holding, and combo Canadian/U.S.A holdings. So 2x portfolio examples.

I realize this is just for fun and not financial advice. Thank you for the years of great service.

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on March 07, 2023
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