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Q: I like Keith Fitzgerald's investing philosophy - "invest in the best, not the rest".

Can you please provide me the best two within the following sectors (please provide your favourite of the two) ? NYSE or TSX-listed:

1. Within the Healthcare sector, I'm interested in specifically Diagnostics as a Service.

2. In the Defense sector. Two companies that continuously improve through technological innovation.

Read Answer Asked by James on December 05, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,
I currently need to add a U.S. Industrial in a RRIF, so yield is very important - as is overall safety. I need to increase Industrials by about 3.0 % and increase my U.S. holdings by 4.5 % so an equity suitable for a larger weighting would be ideal. My other industrials are EIF and SIS.
I have been looking at Raytheon, Ryder, Lockheed Martin and A.O. Smith but was wondering if you have any other suggestions and how you would rank these for safety? If there is a name with a yield in excess of, say, 4.0% that you would be comfortable recommending, that would be ideal.
As always, many thanks for all of you invaluable assistance - it is always very much appreciated!!!

Read Answer Asked by Mike on November 07, 2022
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