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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: A recent comment of "But we do prefer higher-growth companies" than LNTH, which companies would you be referring to?

Thanks for your service!
Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on February 26, 2024
Q: I have funds for 2 of the above. Please rank 1-4 in the order you would invest today for maximum growth over 5 years. If there is an industrial/materials that has yet to be discussed in the 5i pages that should be considered, then please include. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by John on February 23, 2024
Q: Good Morning
These stocks are in my wife's US Riff account
What US stock or stocks would you recommend as an addition to this list?
She is overweight in both finance and tech in her Canadian Riff so looking for alternative suggestions with some growth and a modest dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Marcel on February 21, 2024
Q: Good morning - I need more US exposure as I am overweight Canada. I will need to sell some/all of holdings I have in PBH, L, ATS, TOU, SU and EIF. I hate to sell any of these companies but someone's gotta go to raise cash. Taxes are not an issue. Can you suggest US companies that you would like just as much, which pay dividends and which will keep me in the realms of Industrial, Consumer Discretionary, Energy. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by alex on February 21, 2024
Q: Some analysts I follow believe industrials will move as counties turn away from globalization . Reading through your previous answers you seemed to like ph and itw. I am looking for companies that already are positioned well and growing their earnings. Is there any other companies that could do well under this scenario ?
Read Answer Asked by lynn on February 21, 2024
Q: Hi 5i, seems MG is pushing out some of their bets on EV and Autonomous trends, Do you still believe in their growth over the next 2 years after this quarter? I know they raised their divi, but I fear this stock may become a value trap. Also, please provide a few alternatives, no small caps please, either CAD or USD. Thx.
Read Answer Asked by Christopher on February 09, 2024
Q: I already hold a bit of TFII and WSP but would like more in industrials. Iím thinking of either adding to TFII or starting a position in STN or TT. Is there still good reason to add to TFII? If not, both STN and TT have good momentum, but as I already hold WSP, would TT make more sense?

Read Answer Asked by Alan on February 09, 2024
Q: hi, i'm short on Industrials. can you provide your top 5 for hopefully a longer term hold. US and/or CDN companies only please. and what do you think of DAC:US now ( it apparently screens as 100 on the Starmine intrinsic valuation model ) ?
cheers, Chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on February 07, 2024
Q: I hold ROP HEI WSP ATS TFII AXON VRT in the industrial sector. 5i has also recommended TT TDG RTX and URI. I would like to sort out which could be sold [in whole or in part] and which could be added to. For a long-term hold, which could go and which would you advise to be the core for this sector.
Read Answer Asked by sam on February 02, 2024
Q: I'm looking to add more US companies. Could you please give an answer to Larry's question but substitute 2 US companies per sector for 2024?
Read Answer Asked by Kel on January 30, 2024
Q: You touted this stock some time ago and I have done quite well by it ever since. However, you have not mentioned it lately. Is there any reason to suspect that it will not continue to grow despite it being in what I consider to be a growth area - HVAC both residential and commercial? Or is there another US industrial you feel provides better prospects?

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 11, 2024
Q: From this list of companies could any be a take over target in the next five years using your crystall ball
No commentary is required
Merry Christmas
Read Answer Asked by Marcel on December 21, 2023
Q: Would 5iR consider the following US stocks income or dividend stocks??? - ABBV with (recent) yield of 3.99%, ABT, 1.93%, BLK, 2.14%, NDAQ, 1.57% (as X-T is held in the 5iR Income Portfolio), TT, 1.42% , UNH, 1.40%, HD, 2.7% and LLY, 2.3%
.......I ask this as I want to realign my 3 portfolios, income, balance and growth, for 2024.......Thanks for the assistance.....Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 23, 2023
Q: Most of the above listed US stocks are in the S&P 500. And I'm wondering - would 5iR consider them "compounders"?.....Thanks for the insight as I'm keen to know whether yes or no!!!......Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 14, 2023
Q: With regards to the shift in consumer thinking related to moving away from using fossil fuels for home heating/cooling, are there any companies that would stand to benefit from the shift towards heat pumps?

Trane and Honeywell come to mind but are they actually good companies for investors? The 3 to 5 year charts show them as being somewhat rangebound.

Are there perhaps other companies? Or companies that supply the parts for the heat pumps?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on July 21, 2023
Q: May I have your thoughts about Carrier's acquisition of Viessmann Climate Solutions? I have been looking at HVAC investment opportunities in the UK & Europe and the only alternative is Trane. Which of those two are the more suitable investment at this time? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Marco on July 12, 2023
Q: Hi group can you help me understand how to get a dividend for my cash that I have presently (100 k ) its sitting in my RBC direct investing account / they do not give any interest for this money.
Can you walk me thru what to buy / I need its to be liquid (I want to use the cash if/when we go into a pullback/ downturn.

2 nd question
Please give me your top pick in each sector regardless of US or CAD

Thanks for your help with this
Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 04, 2023
Q: I need to increase my industrial sector. Can you please suggest ones with a focus on dividend growth. This is in a non registered account. I already own CNR.
Thanks for your help.
Read Answer Asked by Anna on July 04, 2023
Q: Hi everyone at 5i!
I am up 370% with my stock in NVDA and would like to trim a third of the stock. With the proceeds I would like to add to a portfolio holding AWK, BRKB, BX,COST,EMR, ISRG RSP. QQQ. JPM MDT MSFT, NVDA , PEP, PG, O , VZ, V, WM . I am looking for two or three stock suggestions that would round out this list for growth or growth and income.
Read Answer Asked by Tamara on April 03, 2023