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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello Peter,
I am thinking of increasing my weight to 5 percent for Fortis. I understand that the company has been stable for long time with increasing dividends, but is it possible that it could run into headwinds as Algonquin did? I am wondering if i should stick to 3 percent and put the other 2 percent in hydro one and Emera.. Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on December 08, 2023
Q: Can you recommend a few other Canadian value stocks like SLF, with a low P/E, good dividend and little or no debt - it would appear that SLF has a net of about $74B in cash.
Read Answer Asked by Grant on December 08, 2023
Q: Hi folks, Tamarak Valley tve/t released their 2024 Capital Budget....looks like 2 tiered & lowered guidance....stock taking a 5+% hit and nearing 52 week lows....I know liked by 5i, Nuttal, Martin Pelltier & many this a case of TVE mgmt "over promising & under delivering", hold a fair size position.....thanks for your views/opinions....& would U rate Buy/Hold/Sell....thanks, jb
Read Answer Asked by John on December 08, 2023
Q: Dear Peter et al:

From many of the articles that I have read, it appears that utilities sector is a safe bet for 2024. The rates are going to be stable and not rising seems to be the consensus.
If you agree with this thesis, what are the companies that do you think can mimic or match the return of an ETF like ZUT/XUT? I don't want to pay the high MER but willing to buy a small basket of stocks and hold them for at least 2-3 years.

Many thanks.

P.S. I have spent an hour browsing through the Q&A section and I "kinda" know what your answer is going to be(!!) but need some "handholding" :)
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on December 08, 2023
Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. Sorry...this is a market timing question.

I am in the process of building a position in ZUT. I'm about 70% there. Most of the remaining funds to attain my full position will be sourced over time (3-5 months). However, with the recent run up in NWC and its subsequent impact on my asset allocation, I will be trimming a bit of it (NWC) and plan to direct it towards ZUT.

Q#1 = In the past you have indicated not to worry about market timing, especially when it comes to ETFs. However, with the rise in interest rates and the negative impact on ZUT, roughly when do you think is a reasonable time to start the process of adding (again) to the utilities sector (specifically ZUT)? While the general consensus is that rates have peaked, when do you think the utility sector to start to recover its rates actually have to decrease or just plateau? Also, you have usually answered this type of question with spread your money out over a number of months and get on with it (my paraphrase). Same answer?

Q#2 = Tied in with this a question => relative valuation of ZUT? Where does it's current valuation compare to its historical range? Is it cheap now or pricey?

Thanks for your help...Steve
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on December 08, 2023
Q: Is it true that Telus's dividend has not been covered between 2020-22 and won't be for the following two years?

Other than the benefits of both this sector's limited competition in our country and
this government's immigration policy that has been put in place, are there any other reasons why Telus holds a relatively large PE valuation relative to the single digit PE's of both AT&T and Verizon?
Read Answer Asked by James on December 07, 2023
Q: Curious about yields. It feels like the yield on ETF XHY remains around the level it was several years ago (~6%) despite other stocks yielding much higher returns. Shouldn't those ETF holdings (high yield corporate bonds) be ticking upwards too which should drive the ETF yield higher? Maybe there is a time-delay as they have to reset?

So with various stock yields as high as they are I would like to try to benefit from the yields AND set up for capital gains on the same stocks that *should* pop as interest rates normalize and fall a bit. What are 3 CAD and 3 USD stocks that fit the bill? (High current yield AND good likelihood to strong share price increase in 1-3 years.) And where would ENS fit relative to those suggestions?
Read Answer Asked by Marilou on December 01, 2023
Q: hi, can I get your current thoughts on CSW.A at this time. do you suspect it could start to move up in price with small caps soon? or are people not drinking their "spirits" so much anymore ( large capital depreciation over time ). do you have any other suggestions in the consumer defensive sector (cdn or us) with a good sized dividend and a better growth profile? cheers, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on December 01, 2023