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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I hold XLB in my RRSP. What do you think of swapping the XLB for BEP.UN?

Can you address the answer in various interest rate directions please?

( Between BIP.UN in the RRSP and the BN and BAM outside, I already have 10% exposure to the group. Doing the trade would have me bumping 15%. )

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by Tim on May 24, 2024
Q: Do you recommend holding Enerplus until the close of the deal ? Are there restrictions on ERF insiders and employees on selling their CHRD shares as soon as the deal closes ? If I do not stick with CHRD, I would like to keep these funds in O&G. What are your favorites in this sector. I own WCP, CPG, TOU and the pipelines. ERF is currently held in a TFSA. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on May 24, 2024
Q: Hello 5i, I own Enerplus but do not want the CHRD shares there is a special dividend to be paid payable to shareholders of record at the close of business on May 30, 2024 . The ex-dividend date for this payment will be May 30, 2024 . The Special Dividend is intended to equalize the amount of quarterly. The transaction of the takeover is I think May 31/24. Would I be able to sell my shares May 30/24 and still qualify for the special dividend?
Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 24, 2024
Q: I have just sold all our shares in SPB:CA despite the high dividend. It has been languishing for too long and I'm sure there is a better investment somewhere in the energy industry.
It was our only stock in the energy industry and we should replace like for like.
What are your best suggestions for the next 3-5 years for total ROI in a RIF?
Read Answer Asked by John on May 23, 2024
Q: I never thought I would be contemplating whether or not to continue to hold these “sleep at night stocks” but here we are. I have no doubt they will recover but in what timeframe? I am particularly concerned about TD. I believe regulators are going to set an example. I am 75 years old and time is at a premium. Please give me some guidance.


Read Answer Asked by Carl on May 22, 2024
Q: I always like following the Form 13F SEC disclosures in the USA made by major investors. One of the guys I follow is Stanley Druckenmiller (Duquesne Family Office). I note that he has recently taken a new position in Kinder Morgan. Can I have your thoughts on this name for a new buy? Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jason on May 22, 2024
Q: Hello 5i,
I recently came across CCA in one of your latest screenings. I need to add about 1% to the Communications sector and already hold BCE (RRSP) and T (TFSA) as pretty much full positions - at least if they stop being 25 - 30% under water!!
With the 6% yield on CCA (and the last question asked in January), I was wondering if you had any updated thoughts on adding this one to an RRSP, soon to be RRIF, for retired, conservative, income-oriented investors OR would you just add to either BCE and/or T, or go with a new position in Rogers or perhaps VZ:US?
Read Answer Asked by Mike on May 22, 2024
Q: What would be your top 5 picks for Cdn dividend paying companies that have a safe and growing dividend? No financials please. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by John on May 21, 2024
Q: Hello,
Can you please recommend a few US blue chip large cap with reasonable valuation, decent dividend, some growth, buy and forget type of stock. I am reviewing my portfolio and looking for some ideas. No need to comment on why you like the names. Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Pierre on May 21, 2024
Q: Could you please recommend your top 5 solid, dividend-growing companies? what would be your buy prices for each? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Ann on May 21, 2024
Q: in the globe and mail this weekend ian mcgugan wrote about how dividend investing has lost its mojo. just wanted your take on this story.
Read Answer Asked by hans on May 21, 2024