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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good day,

Can you please rank the following for me in terms of personal preference - ENB, KEY, PPL, T, BCE, SLF, TRP. I own them all, but just want to see how closely calibrated my weightings are compared to your relative rankings.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Trevor on January 05, 2023

Q: These stocks have been identified as the top 10 undervalued mid cap stocks. Would you consider any of these be buys and if so, (given no consideration for sector) can you list in terms of most favorable first. Also, which do you think will "hold on" best given the economic uncertainty and likelihood of recession.

Read Answer Asked by Colleen on October 20, 2022

Q: Hi, how safe is the dividend on a scale of 1-10 whereby 10 is very safe. Do they carry debt that could some day impact the dividend as rates rise? Has the dividend ever been cut? Any reason why the dividend has not been raised for a few years? Lastly, do you see Keyera as a takeover target in the future. Many thanks as always for the great service that you provide.

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on September 29, 2022

Q: As a follow up to my last question, do you think Keyera is better than Pembina in the sense that it is almost exclusively natural gas processing, storage, etc. vs Pembina that has more exposure to oil. I understand that Keyera is much smaller, but given that I also own Enbridge size is not my biggest concern as long as its big enough.


Read Answer Asked by Jason on June 16, 2022

Q: I wish to take a position in two pipelines. Could you please discuss which two of the above would be the best fit or complementary to each other. This would be for a long term hold. Please feel free to add any other comments or other companies.



Read Answer Asked by david on May 04, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,

My overall portfolio weighting in energy has grown to 20.49% and I am looking to trim and/or get out of a position in the next few weeks/months.

I currently hold SU 9.62%, TOU 4.74%, PXT 1.11%, KEY 1.07%, ENB 3.95%.

Leaning towards selling my entire position on PXT and some of SU but would appreciate your opinion. I still have a high conviction in the energy sector but I am uncomfortable with my overall weighting in it. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts and how you would rank each stock to each other.

I am also underweight in industrial/healthcare/utilities and looking to purchase a stock in those sectors with whatever i sell in energy. Would appreciate a recommendation in each of those sectors.

Please deduct credits for above as you see fit and thank you again for all that you do.

Read Answer Asked by GREGORY on April 04, 2022

Q: Good Morning,

For yield - I am considering adding to or acquiring many of the above noted stocks.

Please rate in terms yield, growth potential and safety.

Also add any others I might consider.

Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 22, 2022

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

Like many members as well as 5i, I am increasingly frustrated with PKI. For example, it dropped 5.2% on January 18. :(

We hold PKI in both my wife’s and my RRIFs. Both holdings are still up, but I’m considering exiting PKI while we’ve still made some money.

I was considering equal purchases of SU, CNQ or CVE, TOU, and KEY for each RRIF (2 for each RRIF). Would you be OK with such a move? Please rank these 5 stocks for safety and upside.

Another move I was considering is to raise our US exposure by buying Vanguard’s ETF VDE. (According to Portfolio Analytics, we’re underweight in the energy sector, as well as USA). Would you endorse this purchase, which would be for our non-registered account? Am I correct in assuming that any withholding taxes shouldn’t prevent this purchase in a non-registered account?

I also manage our son’s TFSA, and unfortunately his holding in PKI is down by quite a bit. I intend to hold it, but would certainly exit it if 5i drops it from the Balance Equity Model Portfolio. Is 5i considering such a move?

Please deduct sufficient credits, and thanks as always for your insight and guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on January 21, 2022

Q: Please rate in order picks for dividend income and growth

Read Answer Asked by Gerald on December 14, 2021