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Investment Q&A

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Q: Please provide your thoughts on how you would rank POU against ENB, SU, TRP, TOU, GXE and PXT for growth, holding for more than 5 years?
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Roger on April 28, 2023

Q: Hi guys,

I would like to add the above companies into my portfolio (balance portfolio), please rank them. (must have to steady eddie)



Read Answer Asked by jim on April 26, 2023

Q: Energy is a small portion of my overall portfolio. TVE is one of my larger holdings but it has lagged other energy names in the past few months. Do you still like TVE and should I be adding to bring my average cost down.

What are your three favourite Canadian Energy Names in current market?


Read Answer Asked by Timothy on April 24, 2023

Q: How do you think SU will do in the next couple years and what would be your top 5 favorite energy plays in the Canadian Market? Also, with China reopening, US dollar on a downtrend and noticing several major Metal/Copper stocks gapping up like FCX and VALE, SCCO, how would you rank these and what are your top 5 companies domestic or international to take adv of rising commoditiy/metal prices

Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on April 17, 2023

Q: Hi Team

In general it seems like commodity stocks underperform the markets. Let’s look at SU, ABX and TECK which are large cap stocks in the oil, gold and copper categories. It seems commodity stocks had a good run from about 2003 - 2008. Since 2008, each of these three commodity stocks have traded in a range and are currently close to the top of said range. It seems like the commodity stocks have underperformed the overall market for the past 15 years by quite a bit because the commodity stocks are about the same price as they were in 2008. There have been times when buying commodity stocks as a “trade” was great like in 2020 when SU was $15 or in 2015 when TECK was $5 and in 2015 when ABX was $10. But today these stocks are all at the top of the range. They never break out of this range and I don’t see any evidence that they will break out of the range. If they don’t break out of the range the only direction from here is down. For example, gold is a whopping $2000, and ABX is still only $25. Oil was over $100 recently and SU still never broke out of the range. When the markets tank the commodity stocks usually tank as well…. they don’t act as a hedge. There are exceptions like in March 2020 when the market tanked, and ABX did quite well for 4 months. But today, ABX is back to $25 where it was in Feb 2020. I understand diversification is important but why add commodity stocks to a (long term) portfolio if they never perform well. The commodity stocks are finally paying good dividends but so do many other stocks in different sectors.

Question #1 – please let me know if you agree or disagree to the above. If you disagree, what is the compelling argument to buy large cap (safe) commodity stocks unless they are trading at the bottom of the range.

Question #2 – is there an etf that tracks the Canadian stock market that does not include commodity stocks?

Thanks for your great input to your members questions.

Read Answer Asked by Greg on March 28, 2023

Q: Hi, Energy sector has witnessed a sharp sell off last week, with market and decline in Oil prices. Recession worries seem to be growing higher and with ECB sticking to 0.50% rate hike, market seems to be expecting Fed to stay course with its hawkish stance, despite recent turbulence in banking sector. Some large Energy traders are reported to have lightened their positions significantly, early in the week. We as well as most of 5i members are simple retail buy and hold investors and do not have access to advanced tools/money flow and other expertise.

With the recent market backdrop in the sector, and Oil/NG prices flirting with new lows, has your view, in terms of maintaining about 10% weighing in the sector, changed ? Or, do you believe that market concerns are of short term in nature and there is value and a strong case to remain invested in the sector for say, at least 12-24 months ?

Mr. John O'Connell of Davis Rea was on BNN, warning viewers to stay away from the Energy sector, claiming that cost of production of most companies is higher than current prices. (which appears to be a questionable claim). On the other end, there is Mr Eric Nuttal, an expert in the sector with $2 Bln AUM, with completely opposite views.

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 21, 2023

Q: Hi Team,

ENB, CNQ, SU are about 7.5% of my CAD portfolio. Is it ok to hold both CNQ and SU or are they too similar? If they are too similar then which other stock should replace one of these? My investments lean towards growth and dividend growth.

I have held Visa for over two years. I was hoping it will benefit from post panademic opening. So far it has done little. On valuations it appears overvalued. So do other payment stocks. Any suggestions?


Read Answer Asked by Rajinder on January 27, 2023

Q: I see in one of your latest answers your liking su over cnq wondering what criteria it is that leads you in that direction? Also i hold cnq and wcp and looking to add to my oil and gas holdings. Would you add to my current holdings, or add a third or fourth position say in tou and or su? Thx

Read Answer Asked by Todd on January 16, 2023

Q: I have 20 Thousand US Cash in My US RRIF acc't. I am looking at deploying it into 5 stocks for income. I don't have any oil sector stocks or ETF, Reits or banks.Looking for idea's which could bring dividends and growth over time.Tks 5i take as many credits as required. 79 year old.Do not need any money to pay my RRIF monthly payment as I have Can account with ample cash for 18 months

Read Answer Asked by Guy on January 12, 2023

Q: Hi There,
Do you expect the energy and resources sectors to continue to do well in 2023? I'm contemplating selling SU and/or Teck and moving the money into a US mid cap ETF such as VO. Apple to Oranges I know, however looking for the best risk/reward scenario.
You thoughts please.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on January 10, 2023