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Investment Q&A

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Q: Top 3 favourite O&G to hold irrespective of portfolio mix. Canadian or US or international. Large, mid, or small cap. Doesnít matter upstream, midstream, downstream. Just what 5i likes now and briefly why. Maybe an honourable mention if you have one.


Read Answer Asked by Duane on December 07, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team:

At this particular time, which ETF do you think worth buying? US based XLE or Canadian based XEG? Is there a ETF based on Europe or the rest of the world?

Will you underweight or overweight energy in one's portfolio? I know in the US energy doesn't play a big role. But in Canadian index, they do.

Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on December 07, 2021

Q: Could you please recommend your top picks for the energy sector- top 2-3 large cap exposure and top 2-3 smaller cap.
Also what is your view overall for the 3-5 year outlook of the sector in general
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on November 25, 2021

Q: Hi, I am trying to have some exposure to Energy Group, with low risk dividends paying companies. You added Suncor with good timing and Balanced Portfolio benefitted from the 20% jump with company announcing 100% Dividend raise and large share buyback plan. Based on your comments and its profile, I have started an initial 1% position at about $32. My question is, is it late to bump the position to 2%, with recent price jump ? Do you expect share price to correct a bit in near term and if so, what would be a decent level to add ? Also, what are the catalysts, in the short term, to take the stock to next level.

Do you also place CNQ in the same category ?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on November 19, 2021

Q: Can you suggest some Canadian companies, other than in technology, utilities or finance, that you currently consider to be undervalued and worthy of consideration for a long term investor. I've done very well with your suggestions of MG, WELL, ATA, TFII, EIF, PBH, GSY. I don't mind adding to any of the latter but would like to know if you see value ( or at least promising growth from today's prices) Thanks and best wishes always - Al

Read Answer Asked by alex on November 10, 2021

Q: Thank you for your prompt and your customary excellent answer to my earlier question!

Q: 1. May I then request you to give me a concentrated collection of small/midcaps energy stocks that you think will be comparable to an ETF? say ZJO?

Q 2: Big and mid to big caps that are comparable to XEG?

I will leave the number of stock selection to your discretion.

Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on November 09, 2021

Q: Eric Nuttall was giddy on Friday market Call about the opportunities in the oil sector. David Burrows on Wednesday was equally bullish on commodities stating they are in the early innings. Would you support full positions in SU,WCP and Teck.b going forward? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on November 08, 2021

Q: Could you please compare these energy stocks and advise if you have a preference between the 4 of these with an explanation. For a 1 to 2 year hold.
Thanks so much.

Read Answer Asked by lorraine on November 02, 2021

Q: Iím thinking of expanding my energy holdings. I bought Whitecap a few months ago and have enjoyed a nice bump in value along with a solid dividend. Iím considering TVE, SU and/or ENB for a combo of dividend and SP appreciation. Could you please discuss the relative merits of each in a 1-2 year timeline. Iíd definitely hold longer if the case can be made that green energy investment and ESG movements donít derail fossil fuel companies from meeting existing market demand.

Read Answer Asked by Warren on October 29, 2021

Q: It seems like a lot of analysts are talking about a resource bull market especially regarding the inflation/stagflation discourse.
Do you feel we are heading into a resource bull market?
And, are there certain sectors you favour - Oil/gas, copper, uranium, food, precious metals?
Finally, are there any stocks within this very broad resource sector that you think is a standout. Please take as many credits as necessary
Much appreciated

Read Answer Asked by treva on October 28, 2021

Q: Good Morning,
Two ?s here: I put in a buy on SU before markets opened with a limit 21 cents above yesterdays close. It didn't fill, and now the stock is up about $2.50.
How would you approach putting an order in prior to market opening on this sort of event?
And do you think there is more room to run on the share price based on the quarter, dividend increase and share by back news?

Read Answer Asked by Tim on October 28, 2021

Q: Could you please comment on Suncor's Q3 results and increased dividend. Do you see SU as a long term hold? I have a significant SU position in 2 margin accounts and can't decided at what speed I should be moving these investment dollars to green energy stocks that I would hold forever. Thanks for valuable information!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on October 28, 2021

Q: 1 Which Of the following will likely initiate or increase their dividend. ARX,ATH,CJ,CVE,FRU,KEY,PEY,SU, TOU,WCP. Please rate in order of likelihood.
2. in order of likelihood which well have the most potential for share price increase.
3. in order of likelihood which is the safest of the above
thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on October 18, 2021