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Investment Q&A

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Q: Looking to get into the Nuclear sector, thoughts and any recommendations, US or can ? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Paulette on February 09, 2023

Q: With the purchase of Westinghouse nuclear reactor maintenance operations and the re-opening of the McArthur River Mine which should double production, do you have an improved outlook for the Cameco? How would you rate this equity versus other uranium producers? Would you recommend purchasing and if so, what purchase price would you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by David on January 23, 2023

Q: For exposure to expected growth in demand for nuclear power globally, would exposure to the etf for physical uranium be the smarter play, or best to go with a leading uranium producer such as Cameco? Or, other suggestion welcome.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Tony on November 09, 2022

Q: Hi 5i

I have too many stocks and am starting to pare back. I have these five stocks in Energy. Which two would you sell? To which stock(s )would you add the cash from the sale.

Thanks for the excellent advice. It is so comforting to have 5i to ask questions of. It is hard to be objective sometimes when it is your own portfolio.


Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 24, 2022

Q: Please comment on the Second Quarter results. May I have your thoughts as well on the joint venture with Kazatomprom? I take it the Russian Embargo prevents the shipment of ore out of Kazakhstan. I presume any money invested in the project by CCO will need to be written off at some time. I just don't see Russia making any allowances to have the ore shipped out through their territory. Do you think this potential write-off has been accepted by the market and the share price has already been already adjusted (downwards?) or is the embargo overall so overwhelmingly positive to CCO that it doesn't matter?
Sorry to be so convoluted,

Read Answer Asked by James on August 02, 2022

Q: Hello, I am wondering what your thought is on nuclear energy and uranium stocks. As we know the world is turning fully electric with cars and much more. All this power has to come from somewhere and nuclear seems like one of the best ways to create clean energy. I know OPG is building a new SMR (small modular reactor) at darlington plant in the future and if it all goes well more are to be put up in other areas. Would this be a sector worth while looking into sooner rather then later?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on July 27, 2022

Q: I am interested in stocks in the material sector, both US and Canada. Any ideas and suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by Joanne on June 03, 2022

Q: My portfolio analysis indicates I am somewhat uderweight in basic material. My present holdings are FNV and NTR. Now that I am retired, my risk level should be considered low to moderate. Dividends are not particularly important. Could you suggest 2 or 3 companies in that sector that have good prospects over the next 5 years. If none are particularly interesting at this time, I would rather wait. In the same vein, could I suggest adding the option of searching by specific sectors in Questions? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by jacques on June 03, 2022

Q: In the theme of Nuclear Energy what companies are making smaller reactors or components. Green energy to be supplied by regional reactors vs large units .
I believe I've seen something on this previously ....
Cramer had on Constellation Energy


Read Answer Asked by Greg on May 27, 2022

Q: I am considering uranium exposure as a long-term part of my portfolio. What do you consider to be the advantages between a position in the commodity itself (for e.g. through U.UN) versus an equity like CCO? In the equity space, would you suggest a basket of uranium miners, or simply go with CCO?

Read Answer Asked by Tom on April 21, 2022

Q: What do you suggest in Food , Fertilizer and
Material stocks? I am looking at"beefing" up in those three areas as a protection for the present high inflation.

Read Answer Asked by Jean on April 18, 2022

Q: I have been considering acquiring three of the above companies. I what order would you acquire for a balanced portfolio looking for combination of growth and income.

Read Answer Asked by David on April 11, 2022