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Investment Q&A

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Q: I am interested in stocks in the material sector, both US and Canada. Any ideas and suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by Joanne on June 03, 2022

Q: My portfolio analysis indicates I am somewhat uderweight in basic material. My present holdings are FNV and NTR. Now that I am retired, my risk level should be considered low to moderate. Dividends are not particularly important. Could you suggest 2 or 3 companies in that sector that have good prospects over the next 5 years. If none are particularly interesting at this time, I would rather wait. In the same vein, could I suggest adding the option of searching by specific sectors in Questions? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by jacques on June 03, 2022

Q: In the theme of Nuclear Energy what companies are making smaller reactors or components. Green energy to be supplied by regional reactors vs large units .
I believe I've seen something on this previously ....
Cramer had on Constellation Energy


Read Answer Asked by Greg on May 27, 2022

Q: I am considering uranium exposure as a long-term part of my portfolio. What do you consider to be the advantages between a position in the commodity itself (for e.g. through U.UN) versus an equity like CCO? In the equity space, would you suggest a basket of uranium miners, or simply go with CCO?

Read Answer Asked by Tom on April 21, 2022

Q: What do you suggest in Food , Fertilizer and
Material stocks? I am looking at"beefing" up in those three areas as a protection for the present high inflation.

Read Answer Asked by Jean on April 18, 2022

Q: I have been considering acquiring three of the above companies. I what order would you acquire for a balanced portfolio looking for combination of growth and income.

Read Answer Asked by David on April 11, 2022

Q: Its a given we are collectively heading (long term) toward a carbon neutral future. We have also seen how fragile current energy supply is with the shortages caused by current European conflicts.
So...the question is on nuclear. How viable is it as a source of clean stable energy going forward, and how does one get exposure to companies in this space CDN or US. I am slowly reducing my fossil fuel exposure and now hold the captioned stocks. BEP fits the mandate I'm sure; how about BP?

Read Answer Asked by Harry on April 07, 2022

Q: I'm thinking of adding LGO and/or CCO to my Material's group. Currently I hold AEM and KRR for an overall 3% weighting. I've been burned on the Material's group in the past so once bitten twice shy as they say. However I can see uranium supply from the "Free World" being in demand beyond any resolution to the war in Europe. LGO seems a more specialized company which maybe stands outside the war crucible. Any thoughts on what to do? I'll still be able to sleep at night with a 6% weighting even though I may wake up at 2:30AM...but I'm doing that anyways!
Perplexed (Jim)

Read Answer Asked by James on April 04, 2022

Q: What is best strategy to attempt to hit near the top of the cycle on these names . I have been thru a few cycles with some of these. Which ones would you sell 1st ?
Some in RESP age 15 .

Many Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Greg on March 22, 2022

Q: Wondering what 3 or 4 Canadian stocks you would choose to buy in a non registered account now, waiting for a full economic re opening and a settlement on the Russia -Ukraine conflict?
Seems energy, financials and materials are at highs. Tech is beaten up.
MG and SHOP come to mind. Any others you would suggest?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on March 09, 2022

Q: Do you think that, while this unfortunate war carries on, industrials will continue to rise?
I read that gold, grain (wheat?), copper, paladium and nickel have reached new highs.
If so, I'd be grateful to know what stocks you would prefer to own to cover some or all of these, plus an assessment of the key metrics for your view.
Thank you for your highly appreciated viewpoints.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on March 08, 2022

Q: With the embargoes against Russian, do you feel the US will exempt their uranium exports?
Google suggests that Russian and its surrounding countries account for 46% of their purchases, would this be a good time to purchase shares in Cameco?
If yes, would you suggest any difference between owning US or CDN stock?

Read Answer Asked by Ted on March 04, 2022