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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

Regarding Nutrien, I read your answer to 5i member Maureen, and also just finished today's article in the Globe and Mail:"Nutrien shares fade on disappointing first-quarter earnings" by Ian McGugan. In your view, is Ian's thesis valid, and would now be a good time to sell NTR if one has already made some money on it? What would be some better (?) and less volatile options in the Materials sector?

Thanks as always for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on May 24, 2023

Q: I have always been puzzled by cyclical stocks. By way of example, I hold NTR in a non-registered account and have ridden it up (by 50%) and now down to 15%. Is the strategy for dealing with these stocks simply to ride out the bad times, knowing they will eventually cycle back? Or should I be selling on the way down and trying to figure out the best entry point when the stock starts to rebound? The matter is complicated, of course, by the tax consequences of selling in a non-registered account. Your advice regarding buying and selling cyclical stocks would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on May 19, 2023

Q: I have room to add one materials stock to my portfolio. Which of the following or others would you prefer? Nutrien around $80; Stella Jones around $60 lately or CCL.B around $68?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on May 12, 2023

Q: I have no exposure to Materials or Utilities right now in our RRSP. All other sectors are well represented. What stocks would be your preferred in Canada and/or the US in those sectors? Thinking of NTR or SJ maybe in Canada and perhaps LIN in the US. Maybe FTS or BIP for utilities.Thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on May 09, 2023

Q: Given the current economic climate and potential future trends, which industries or sectors do you believe are well-positioned for long-term growth in the stock market, and what specific Canadian and US companies within those industries or sectors do you believe have strong fundamentals and potential for long-term momentum?

Thank you!


Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 26, 2023

Q: Hi 5i
I would like to replace AEM in my LIF account with another basic material holding. My goal is growth. Both NTR and WFG are looking interesting now. Could you give your opinion of which would likely be the better play for a long term. With the pending slow down/recession would you switch now or wait?

Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 12, 2023

Q: Can you give me 4-5 Canadian non financial divvy stocks that look attractive to you right now? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Martin on April 11, 2023

Losses in all this stocks and confused need your Opinion Badly,I know they are maany stocks and Highly apreciate your help.

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on April 10, 2023

Q: I bought Fpi as a diversifier for my portfolio. and a belief in the potential for farmland values to increase. It has steadily dropped in price….down 20%. Now I am questioning my thesis.

Do you see this turning around and worth holding , or better to bite the bullet sell and look at something like LAND or NTR or ADM/ Mosaic .. I do own NTR and am down a bit but still like it.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on March 31, 2023