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Investment Q&A

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Q: ECN announced "The Distribution is scheduled to be paid on December 22, 2021 (the “ Payment Date ”) to holders of Common Shares of record as of the close of business on December 15, 2021 (the “ Record Date ”). Subject to confirmation from the Toronto Stock Exchange, ECN Capital expects the Common Shares to commence trading on a “due bill” basis at the opening of trading on December 14, 2021 and to commence trading “ex-distribution” on December 23, 2021. The due bill redemption date will be December 24, 2021."

Is December 22, the last day one can purchase ECN to receive the $7.50 dividend. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Karen on December 07, 2021

Q: In your answer to Rob today you state 'we don't think the company has really done anything 'wrong'.'

You've looked closely at the report and earnings now. What do you 'really' think the company did? Please speculate on what you feel went wrong. If the short report wasn't completely false, what did it maybe get right? Were mistakes made through omission? Were they simply growing too fast or playing a little fast and loose with the rules? No doubt there is a trade here but is this a company and management that you still have the same long term respect and confidence in as 6 months ago?

A past short report on SHOP has been mentioned on several occasions as a comparison. Did the management at SHOP make similar mistakes, if any, and is this par for the course? Or is this situation with LSPD different?

thanks, Mark

Read Answer Asked by Mark on December 06, 2021

Q: Everyone,
If one was to start buying LSPD when would you start. I don’t sell or buy very often because I am a long term holder but I am interested in adding to my position. I would look at a minimum of three up days in a row with above average or heavy trading volumes with a minimum of 15% gain in those days. Fundamentally nothing has changed in the last few months except the price people are willing to pay for growth. What are your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Clayton on December 03, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,

I'm looking to add to my TFSA. No concern with volatility and looking to hold for minimum 3-5 years. I already hold TOI (1/2 position) but don't yet own any LSPD. Would you favour adding to existing TOI or start a new (small-ish) position in LSPD. If you were to start a position in LSPD, how would you go about deciding on when to buy? I struggle with this...the stock is down quite a bit, so $60/share seems attractive but would you prefer 2-3 days of positive momentum before buying? Do you use technical analysis (I have no experience with this) when considering an entry into these growth stocks? Invariably I'm always wrong when trying to time a good entry into growth stocks but I suppose it doesn't matter too much in the long run if it performs well...

Finally, can you name 1 other growth stock you'd prefer to start a position in today (if not TOI or LSPD)?


Read Answer Asked by Robert on December 03, 2021