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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi. Follow-up on your previous EQB good results quarter question. Being a rookie investor I just don’t understand after such a good quarterly report why the stock went on sale down $9.99 at one time today. Can you explain in plain layman’s term why or at least give a guess why such a big drop? If this report would have been horrible does that mean the price would have jumped? Just when I thought I knew how the game worked this change has added some confusion to my thought process. Thanks again for all that you’se guys do for us amateurs. Ken. :-)
Read Answer Asked by Ken on March 01, 2024
Q: Hi there, can you add anything to the AI conversation regarding CTS?

How is CTS involved with AI or in supporting the use of AI using Nvidia product?

What is expected of CTS when it reports next week?

Is it fairly priced now based on preliminary numbers provided?

Are institutions and insiders now buying again?

How much stock has been purchased now by CTS to cancel, last year plus this year?

Read Answer Asked by Hussein on February 27, 2024
Q: Hi, What's your opinion for subscribing to the secondary issue at $227.10 ? I know, IFC is a company liked by 5i ( Bal Portfolio ). Is it a reasonable price to start a position ?

"CDPQ announced today that it will sell 2,312,000 common shares ("Common Shares") of Intact Financial Corporation (TSX: IFC) representing approximately 1.3% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares of IFC as of February 26, 2024 (the “Offering”).

The Common Shares are being sold on an underwritten block trade basis at a gross price of $227.10 per share "
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on February 26, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and Team,

What is the long term value of CCL.B? With the recent quick rise in the stock price tied to decent earnings, it looks like its at the top of the range it has been trading in since about 2016.... I think we've been holding this in the 5i model portfolio since 2010 which is great.

I am wondering if we have realized most of the potential here and this money could be redirected elsewhere that has a higher differential between the current price and the long term value?
Read Answer Asked by Marc on February 26, 2024
Q: following chord buyout enerplus and several 2023 deals can you suggest/speculate
possible future targets , i am thinking wcp, tve, bte.
thank you
Read Answer Asked by howard on February 22, 2024
Q: I have a question about HPS. This is a small company that seems to have recently come on your radar, noting staggering growth in a stable market. With this growth rate it is still small, just cresting the 1B market value recently.
What is making it so successful? It seems like a ‘boring’ low tech company. What is its future expected growth and what is its addressable market?
Any comments would be helpful to understand how electrical infrastructure widgets became such a big new thing.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 22, 2024
Q: Good Morning
I have done well with Kinaxis but have become impatient with the returns over the last couple of years. Can you recommend an alternative? I am considering swapping out for TVK and HPS.A.
thank you
Read Answer Asked by Marty on February 22, 2024
Q: Hello,

I own IAG and it recently missed earnings expectations by 5% and, as a consequence, the market reaction was brutally punitive. How can you compare IAG's overall financial strength to larger Canadian Insurers, say IFC and MFC, and are there overall reasons to worry apart from the market's bad quarter reaction ?
Read Answer Asked by Adel on February 22, 2024
Q: in the portfolios, are the portfolio returns listed not including dividends. I assume the total portfolio return listed for any calendar year would the portfolio return listed plus the dividend. Am I understanding this correctly?
Read Answer Asked by steve on February 22, 2024