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Investment Q&A

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Q: BoE bond buying announcement largely had to prevent margin calls and pension impact risks. (As well as other economic needs) Not an expert, but it sounds like mass panic in Europe(inflation, Russia etc…) Leading to significant credit availability reductions needed for businesses for financing etc. With this all happening does this not provide an ideal environment for TOI to acquire European business’s at a discount, understanding they strategically use their cash flow to finance the deals. Lead to a very bright bright upside in the future?

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on September 30, 2022

Q: With the Fed raising rates and their commitment to tackle inflation the US dollar has been on quite a tear lately. Can you name the top three companies from your balanced portfolio that would be the most positively impacted by the strengthening US dollar as well as the three that would be the most negatively impacted.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on September 28, 2022

Q: Last December I asked what price you would consider this to be really cheap. The answer was below 3 dollars. Today it is at one dollar and thirty five cents. I guess this could go below a dollar which would have been unthinkable last year. It is no fault of their own other than profit margins. Is there some reason that large institutions don't come in and buy this up at this price. Does risk change at this price somehow.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on September 23, 2022

Q: Are there any companies in your 3 model portfolios that have a concerning / uncomfortable level of debt if interest rates continue to rise (say by another 2%) and a 12-18 month recession occurs? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Sandy on September 22, 2022

Q: I see you continue to have faith in Goeasy. On the weekend the Toronto Star had an article on potential reductions to the maximum allowable interest rate for the alternative lending market. As a longterm holder, and knowing of your previous position that this has been a potential concern for years, I’m wondering if this time is different. An unpopular government, public anger at corporate profits, a usury rate set when interest rates were much higher all lead me to believe the maximum rate might finally be reduced. Your thoughts please.

Read Answer Asked by Warren on September 20, 2022