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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: When do these companies next report and what are expectations? Can you list which companies you would dispose of first, second ... etc

Read Answer Asked by jim on October 18, 2021

Q: Good morning, 5 i team!

Your thought on a list of all your A graded companies covering almost all sectors for a TFSA account, equal weighted, long term hold. We will review periodically based on your report monthly.Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on September 24, 2021

Q: Hi there,

I am looking to consolidate and sell some stocks. I have listed my stocks that are not performing and would rather invest elsewhere.

Any of the above stocks recommended to hold / sell?

Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Amy on August 27, 2021

Q: Should I sell my Stella Jones and Logistec stocks in order to purchase Topicus and Goeasy? I have a 10+ year horizon and want to maximize growth.

Read Answer Asked by Ben on August 09, 2021

Q: Of the listed which 2 would you think have the greatest growth potential for a TFSA account over the next 5 years ? Could you suggest list any two others which you might think have better potential irrespective of sector.

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on July 07, 2021

Q: Morning 5i,
The company description for SJ says that the utility poles division brings in the most revenue of any division. Where I live there's recently been a substantial amount of new road work - the SW Calgary ring road extension - and for the miles and miles of new road all one can see are miles and miles of metal utility poles, which I assume SJ did not fabricate or supply.
Is SJ's main revenue producing division in danger of quickly becoming obsolete in the market place, and if that's too pessimistic an outlook is it at the least giving up substantial market share to whoever is providing the metal poles? (And who might that be?)

Read Answer Asked by Peter on July 07, 2021

Q: Can you tell me your thoughts about the long term prospect for this company and why do you think it has been such a weak performer over the last month? Do you think it's growth has peaked? I've held this since 2014 and added a bit more in 2015 for an average entry price of around $32.00. Should I hold or sell?

If I was to replace this company in my RRSP could you give me three alternate companies in the material sector I should look into as possibilities for long time hold, hopefully with dividend and growth prospects?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on June 01, 2021

Q: Hi gang
Which of the above is my best pick for a 2 to 3 year (more or less depending on what happens to this surge in lumber) buy? I would like to jump on this wave!
Thank you and stay safe...

Read Answer Asked by El-ann on May 12, 2021

Q: Hello,

A long time ago, Peter was on Market call and he mentioned a few criteria, which in his books, would make a stock a recommendation.
And then as one of the top picks, which met all those criteria, was STN.
Out of all those criteria, I remember:
1) a company had no dividend and just introduced one;
2) significant insider holding/buying.
3) no debt.

Could you please let me know if the criteria I listed above is correct + if there were other criteria as well?
Also, could you please recommend a few companies in both Canada and in US, which met all those criteria (relatively) recently?
It would be really appreciated companies from different industries/sectors please.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Timour on March 25, 2021