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Investment Q&A

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Q: this is a comment on questions about CDN companies and US dividends:
At NBDB I transferred Magna shares from CDN RRSP to US RRSP. The shares were journaled from MG to MGA. I get US dividends. No exchange fees. Dividend exactly what it is suppose to be.
Question to 5i: any possible downside of holding US shares instead of CDN shares?
Read Answer Asked by JR on March 26, 2019
Q: You last reviewed these two uranium companies in 2017. MGA owns a reasonable portion of NXE. Both currently ticking upwards a little Can you please update and suggest where these may be going in next year or even several years? I have made some money on these as small investments, so I am OK to continue holding and can live with volatility. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Tulio on June 07, 2018
Q: Mega Uranium seems to have some good potential especially with its $55 million holding in Nexgen. However it has 290 million outstanding shares. Do you consider this number of shares to be a concern for a company with a market cap of $45 million and could you provide information re the issuing of new shares over the past two or three years. Although there has been recent insider buying the overall insider holdings appear to be quite low. Could you give the actual insider ownership at this point. Also do you have an opinion on the management of this company. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Rob on June 13, 2016
Q: Hi, my question is on Mega Uranium, MGA. There has been a lot of insider buying recently. Aside from any merits that Mega may have with its own exploration potential, they also appear to have a sizable share holding in Nexgen Energy which is emerging as the premier stock to own in the Athabasca Basin based on the long vertical interval and the fact that it is not under a lake which provides good access. It looks like this share holding alone is more than the market cap of the whole company. Would this be a good way to invest in Nexgen, while at the same time reap any potential at Mega, which also has cash holdings? In brief, this looks like an opportunity since the market isn't seeming to value their investment in Nexgen? Could you also please add these two companies to your database?
Read Answer Asked by Kel on June 09, 2016