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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I read a piece In the G&M by Rosie on the weekend re: nuclear energy as a potential outperformer. It mentioned the above firms as potential investments. I did a little homework and of the Cdn firms, the only 1's I thought worth investing in were the ETF and ATRL. I was unfamiliar with the U.S. firms . Can you shed some light on them please? I do have positions in Hammond Power, SMCI & Vertiv, which I'm pleased with and am thinking of adding to. Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me to enhance an informed decision.
Read Answer Asked by David on March 22, 2024
Q: Hello. On uranium companies, what stocks would you look to for outsized returns, in a uranium bull market, irrespective of risks? Iíve listed some for comments but would welcome your thoughts on other potential companies. Of those listed, in addition to any others you might mention, please rank by preference (again on the assumption of a uranium bull market). Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 25, 2023
Q: Hello team,

With a positive supply-demand picture that is set to grow more bullish over the longer term (do you agree?), could you please evaluate the above rare earth miners/processors? Would you recommend any at this time?

I am specifically looking for good balance sheet (debt/cash flow), shareholder friendly management, and meaningful high growth, irrespective of trade issues with China. Finally, are the any rare earth processers in the western hemisphere at all? Any of the above companies looking into building one?

Thanks as always!
Read Answer Asked by Saeed on May 04, 2021
Q: Two questions;
I'm interested in adding uranium to my portfolio. What are 5i suggestions for blue-chip holdings and the best juniors?
If a sell a stock on Ex-dividend date of 12-30, who gets the dividend, me as the seller or the buyer?
Read Answer Asked by George on December 31, 2020
Q: Hey guys, What are your thoughts on Vanadium. With prices now over $20/lb companies like LGO, EFR, and FVAN have taken notice and are positioning for a potentially huge demand for Vanadium. Is the China demand(requires Vanadium in rebar) and battery demand real? and worth a spec position in one of the companies above?
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Derek on October 09, 2018