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Q: I have a very decent return on my VNP shares thanks to a fortunate entry. It has become a too significant part of my portfolio considering the size of the company. I am thinking of selling some of it and rotating the sale proceeds into NEO. Could I have your thoughts on both and the sale idea? Thanks.

Also, with respect to the commentary on long posts, I am certain there will always be differing thoughts but it might perhaps provide a compromise if subscribers could do a small post in the regular section of Q/A that links to a separate space in the blog area to access the full post? Just a thought.
Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 30, 2024
Q: I own some NEO performance materials and I noticed it is at 52 week lows, and at the currrent price (a little under $7) the dividend yield is about 5.7 per cent. The net cash on the balance sheet (according to the last quarter) shows that the market cap is about 30 per cent covered by the cash on the balance sheet. This company is profitable, pays a healthy covered dividend, is buying back a few shares with a NCIB and is in a future world part of the economy (magnets for electric cars, wind turbines, defense products, etc. I think I should add more on this weakness in the share price. Am I missing something glaringly wrong with this under-the-radar company?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on October 30, 2023
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