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Q: Could I get your opinion on LIF? I know the dividend fluctuates, but does it seem reasonably sustainable at current levels, what is the payout percentage, the debt levels, and what will drive the stock price higher or lower and the likelihood of each. The stock seems to have traded back down a bit recently - would you consider buying at the current level for an income oriented investor?
Read Answer Asked by grant on June 11, 2024
Q: Am retired so my cash portfolio is full of banks, utilities, Brookfield cos, etc.. No materials , so looking at dipping my toe into this sector with either LIF or WTE. Re LIF : the metrics for iron ore are good ,China slowdown negative, US infrastructure program positive ?
Re WTE : Jimmy Patterson a strong shareholder , well run operator, moving more potash, less coal through its terminal ?
What is your opinion on these two companies ?
Balance sheet strength ? Would you recommend one over the other , both or neither for my purpose ? Thanks. Derek
Read Answer Asked by Derek on March 15, 2024
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