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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: hello 5i:
We have about a 2% position in ENB. While looking to add to our present position, I did a quick comparison with TRP and PPL. Using P/S, PE, P/CF, P/B, P/FE and Earnings Yield, it appears that PPL is the cheapest when current valuation is compared to 5 year averages. I know that you've recommended ENB as your favourite in this space and am wondering why, assuming my numbers are correct (derived from Morningstar). Can you enlighten me, as I know the future is more important than past metrics? Also, Morningstar has a -2.09 Earnings Yield for PPL. Is this correct and how is that possible?
I am willing to sell ENB and invest in only one of these companies (have held ENB for approximately 12 years, so obviously favour buy and hold).
Paul L

Read Answer Asked by Paul on August 05, 2021

Q: Good Morning: I own some shares of and am thinking that I would like to sell them and buy ppl. At the moment the yield on ppl is actually higher than that for the preferred. Granted that the preferred offers, theoretically, more security, while the common shares offer more opportunity for share price growth, do you have an opinion on a course of action here. What is your opinion on ppl at the moment. As always, thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on August 05, 2021

Q: Hi team,
Gear released it's Q2 numbers today which look strong and with the debt being paid off rapidly with the generated cash flow. What are your thoughts on the latest quarter,could they be a take over target and today on BNN Eric Nutall called for a possible double within a year. Realistic or to "rosy"?
thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jean on August 04, 2021