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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I'm considering adding PPL to my portfolio and just went through their website. I found the mix of Oil vs Nat Gas vs LNG very easily...Oil = 40%, NG = 25%, LNG = 35%.

For comparative purposes, I went through TRP and ENB websites = not so easy to pull out the same data breakdown. Can you help...thanks...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 24, 2023

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. Following up on your answer to my earlier question. I hold AQN in an RRSP and am considering replacing it. You suggested the following stocks = PPL, NPI, BEPC, BIP.UN, BLX

I have researched their metrics (P/E, Beta, P/B, P/CF, P/S, ROE, Payout, Market Cap) and technicals. My ranking, based on a desired conservative holding, Is = PPL, NPI, BEPC, BIP.UN, BLX.

My rationale is I hold FTS, TRP and AQN representing 8.6% of my portfolio vs NNRG and NRGI at 7.3%. I am leaning towards adding a more conservative name...such as PPL.

Q#1 = Is there an overlap between TRP and PPL, to the point that I only need one? What % do each of these names have in Nat gas vs oil? I know TRP is heavier to NG, not sure about PPL.

Q#2 = based on my above notes, what would your suggested ranking be?


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 24, 2023

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I hold AQN in my RRSP, bought it in 2011 at $5.60 (not a typo) and have trimmed it multiple times due to asset allocation. Not that it matters, but I am still up 15% over my ACB.

Looking forward is what really matters. AQN is up roughly 20% from it's low of around $9/share. Q#1 = Do you think AQN can continue their short term performance?

I hold AQN, FTS, TRP, NNRG, NRGI, and utility-energy stocks held within CDZ, ZLB, ZWC. Q#2 = What conservative utility or infrastructure stocks should I consider that might "fill the gap" in my current holdings? Please list 4-6 stocks for me to do further research on.

Q#3 = Should a component of "renewables" be a consideration? That was one of the reasons for holding AQN. Ideas?

So the bottom line is = what's done is done. AQN appears to be starting to recover and there is always the chance of being bought out.
1. Hold of sell,
2. Replace with what,
3. Include renewables?

Thanks for your help....Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 22, 2023

Q: Over the years, I have heard some fund managers calling the ENB business model deeply flawed: taking on more debt to fuel ”growth” while simultaneously raising the dividend. If ENB was truly creating shareholder value I would expect that to be reflected in the stock price over a long period of time. Yet ENB stock has been flat for nearly a decade. Is it reasonable for investors to take on equity risk in order to earn 6% rate of return in a company with increasing debt? Would it not be better to invest in a company that can demonstrate some organic growth or accretive acquisitions?

Appreciate your perspective. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Joel on March 22, 2023

Q: Hi, Energy sector has witnessed a sharp sell off last week, with market and decline in Oil prices. Recession worries seem to be growing higher and with ECB sticking to 0.50% rate hike, market seems to be expecting Fed to stay course with its hawkish stance, despite recent turbulence in banking sector. Some large Energy traders are reported to have lightened their positions significantly, early in the week. We as well as most of 5i members are simple retail buy and hold investors and do not have access to advanced tools/money flow and other expertise.

With the recent market backdrop in the sector, and Oil/NG prices flirting with new lows, has your view, in terms of maintaining about 10% weighing in the sector, changed ? Or, do you believe that market concerns are of short term in nature and there is value and a strong case to remain invested in the sector for say, at least 12-24 months ?

Mr. John O'Connell of Davis Rea was on BNN, warning viewers to stay away from the Energy sector, claiming that cost of production of most companies is higher than current prices. (which appears to be a questionable claim). On the other end, there is Mr Eric Nuttal, an expert in the sector with $2 Bln AUM, with completely opposite views.

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 21, 2023

Q: There are many small cap (and some larger cap) companies looking into new technologies for energy storage systems. As innovation in this area would appear to be necessary with most “green” energy solutions to our current climate problems, have any of these come to your attention as worthy of speculative investments?
A couple of recommendations for further research would be appreciated.
Thanks, Len

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on March 20, 2023

Q: hi, can I get your thoughts on earnings, thoughts on AQN going forward, etc.
I still own large position, suffered the downturn in price/dividend, with a potential good size tax loss advantage if sell. do you see this as a buy, sell or hold for an average investor? and in my case, if selling for the tax advantage, can I get 5 or so names of mid/higher dividend yield/some dividend growth/decent company earnings growth and decent ROE, with lower risk and lower volatility? names do not need to be utilities (I own plenty). further, if you have high conviction on any growth stock (CDN companies) right now I could consider, eg BN?????
cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on March 20, 2023

Q: Dear 5i,
I am interested in buying a Canadian stock that sells carbon credits. I believe LCFS sells carbon credits but is a small cap and the price has been trending dramatically down since their IPO over a year ago. In your opinion, does this company have substance for a patient investor willing to hold a maximum 2% postition in a TFSA? What do you think would be an attractive entry price?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on March 20, 2023

Q: I couldn't resist this dividend machine and picked it up in Dec'22. I know there's a lot of factors involved (oil prices/shareholder payouts/production costs/depletion/new plant & equipment etc.) but in the current environment it appears to me that they'll be cash flow positive enough to eliminate their meager debt this year and then some. Do you have any idea what the cash flow forecast is for Gear this year and how it is derived (i.e. various components)?
In summary, do you think a return of capital is likely?

Read Answer Asked by DAVE on March 20, 2023

Q: I have been reading the oversupply to come on Lng gas etc in 2025 because of over building/over supply.
I am wondering after watching the above slip downward if this is just passing phase related to current gas stories or is this something I should consider selling and investing in more stable products. Appreciate your input. thanks. Maureen

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on March 17, 2023