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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In your answers to questions regarding sectors allocation, you say that materials sector should be at 10%. In my case it is 4% and includes AEM, NTR, CCL.B, WFG, MX. What would you do to increase my allocation? Would you replace some companies? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Gervais on January 29, 2024
Q: I read with interest your recent response about high risk stocks for conservative investors. Me, becoming more a conservative investor (as I enter my 80's but still like growth....hahahaha). With that in mind would you consider the following stocks high risk - LSPD, MX, JWEL, and in the US, MITK, PINS, PYPL, SQ, DLTR, DOCU....Thanks for your take.........Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on August 24, 2023
Q: In the gold sector what stocks would you recommend in the small to mid cap size over medium to long range?. Same question for copper?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Mark on February 08, 2023
Q: I have these names as part of my materials sector. Do you think this is a good diversified mix of companies for long term growth? I was thinking of adding in TECK. Would you add TECK to this group or swap one of the names out for TECK? If you had to consolidate to just 3 names, which ones would you pick?

AEM - 1.98%
MEOH - 0.85%
LUN - 0.68%
NTR - 1.27%
Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 02, 2022
Q: Hello 5i
Could you provide an indication as to buyhold/sell - all are current holdings but some due to declines have reduced to < 1% . I'm looking to rebalance overall and these need addressing with possibly topping up, selling or doing nothing ... ignore sector weights please. Already held for some time and any that I decide will remain will be held for the long term
Read Answer Asked by mike on November 28, 2022
Q: Would you have a good proxy for CAE (I own AC), CJT, MX,MPW, CRWD for a tax loss or should I just wait for the stocks to recover?

Thanks for your service!
Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on October 24, 2022
Q: Hi!
The recent market decline has likely created buying opportunities. Would you be able to list about 20 companies that are "cheap" right now and back-up-the-truck-able?
Read Answer Asked by D on September 19, 2022
Q: Ignoring company size and sector diversification, can you please rank these stocks on a best to worst risk / reward basis for long term hold. I own them all in various accounts with a half position or less so my plan would be to let some go and increase position in others with better potential. Any of them you consider good buy at the moment? Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Pierre on August 12, 2022
Q: Hello 5i team:
Without editorializing or getting too “grumpy old man”, it seems we have a productivity issue in Canada, and now a labour force participation and perhaps also a work ethic issue. Every employer where I reside is bemoaning “people problems”.
I’m wondering if you have done any work on identifying companies that generate high free cash flow with relatively fewer employees? I know you have mentioned ATA in the past as maybe a way to play the theme, but I’m thinking of companies that are already there because of the nature of their business.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on July 25, 2022
Q: Russia's gas cuts are threatening the world's largest Chemicals Hub in Europe. BASF has said it may have to shut down plants if gas supplies fall further. Assuming this raises chemical prices world-wide, are there any public Canadian or US companies that might benefit? Is Methanex one of them?
Read Answer Asked by Murray on June 27, 2022