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Investment Q&A

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Q: A number of precious metals companies have exposure to copper as well. Which ones in your opinion (large cap, mid-cap & small cap) are best positioned to benefit from a rise in copper demand?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on March 23, 2023

Q: Good morning,

Could you please offer your opinion on companies like Teck, Rio Tinto , Freeport McMoran or others who may be best positioned to profit from increasing copper demand ?

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Brad on March 08, 2023

Q: What are your preferences for copper producers?
Is there an ETF that specialises in AI?

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on March 06, 2023

Q: In the gold sector what stocks would you recommend in the small to mid cap size over medium to long range?. Same question for copper?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Mark on February 08, 2023

Q: Hi,

I have about 8% of my portfolio in WPM, LUN, DPM and FCX. Wondering if you think I should add 3% in steel?

If so, which US or CDN companies would you recommend? STDL seems to have the best long term returns but I've heard their earning are expected to go down next year?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on February 01, 2023

Q: My third question today!! Hope you don't mind the blitz of questions! What's up with copper miners. The share price of the copper miners I own have moved up substantially in 2023 although copper is not up that much. I have ARG for their debt free balance sheet and juicy dividend, Lundin for a large miner with a good dividend and HBM which i tend to trade since it appears to me to be irrationally volitile. I like the copper mining space long term but I do trade portions of positions because of the extreme volitility. I am thinking of taking some profits in HBM (virtually no dividend) and keeping LUN and ARG. What do you think of this strategy? Who do you like in copper miners and why?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 20, 2023

Q: This is my selection of stocks for steady revenue (and secondarily potential growth) .Since a serious economic crisis is not excluded in my opinion ,I now plan to : 1) only keep Cies at low risk to become out of business and that should maintain dividends, based on their history and financial strength , and to : 2) sell the other stocks to buy ETF instead..

Wich stocks can be "relatively safely" kept at long term for this purpose ?

Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on December 16, 2022

Q: I have these names as part of my materials sector. Do you think this is a good diversified mix of companies for long term growth? I was thinking of adding in TECK. Would you add TECK to this group or swap one of the names out for TECK? If you had to consolidate to just 3 names, which ones would you pick?

AEM - 1.98%
MEOH - 0.85%
LUN - 0.68%
NTR - 1.27%

Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 02, 2022

Q: I own LUN and LGO as my way to play the electric car advance. However, they are also down considerably. Would you continue to hold for this exposure, or do you have better choices. Also, would you sell these for tax loss harvesting and re buying in 30 days. If so would you suggest an alternative proxy? Perhaps an ETF?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 24, 2022

Q: I have a small holding in copper but would like to increase that. What companies, any country, would you invest in for the next 5 - 10 years?

Crystal ball time; what materials would you invest in and any companies you would choose?

Take as many questions as necessary.



Read Answer Asked by Michael on November 08, 2022

Q: These stocks have been identified as the top 10 undervalued mid cap stocks. Would you consider any of these be buys and if so, (given no consideration for sector) can you list in terms of most favorable first. Also, which do you think will "hold on" best given the economic uncertainty and likelihood of recession.

Read Answer Asked by Colleen on October 20, 2022