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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have owned IVN for many, many years....back when it was below $1. I have sold bits as it has moved up over the years. I was always told not to fall in love with a stock and feel I might be with IVN.

Can you give me a best case senerio on what the top end of this company could be. I always had in my mind it was worth $12-14, but is it possible this is a $20 stock or maybe a $30 stock someday?

If everything fall in place as planned, no political issues, metal prices keep increasing, etc, what do you see this company being worth in the next 4-5 or even 10 years?

Will not hold you to it, just looking for your opinion.


Read Answer Asked by Kevin on January 25, 2023

Q: Hello. Can you let us know what you think are the best stocks to play if one is anticipating strength in platinum? Same question for palladium? Thank you and Happy New Year.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 05, 2023

Q: I remember that Peter has not always spoken fondly of Robert Friedland, while one of his former associates at Sprott, Rick Rule, has stated that Friedland is "serially successful." There is no doubt that Ivanhoe's DRC assets are first-class, but a recent article in the G & M has cast doubt on Ivanhoe's corporate practices in the DRC. The share price has dropped significantly as a result. Do you believe this is a buying opportunity, if not tomorrow then when the share price stabilizes? I am a long-term copper bull.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 21, 2022

Q: Could you suggest a couple of Canadian companies leveraged to copper, noting key strengths? Then a couple of additional ones based on downside protection if commodity cycle rolls over?
Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by John on July 29, 2022

Q: Would you please do analysis and compare mentioned copper producers and rate/rank each for a 2 to 3 year hold? Also,any comments ob Copp would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on June 02, 2022

Q: I have held IVN since about $3. Closed today at $11.56. Given the size of their recently producing copper mine. Robert Friedland, Co-chair. Their rhodium, palladium. gold, platinum and nickel reserves I hope to hold this for a long time in spite of being situated in DRC. I should add I hold teck.b and Freeport as well for copper. I am happy with Ivanho as smaller copper producer. But am thinking of future for their other materials as listed.

What risks do you see in IVN?

Thank you, Mike

Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 22, 2022

Q: Hello 5i
Could you please provide me with the best Palladium and Neon play out there please? Please mention why you like the choice. Would it be better to side with Neon
as its supply from Mariupol and Odessa (Ingas and Cryoin) will be affected for a long time...or 37% of Pallidium comes from Russia and that will probably never come back to markets here. Or is there another element in chip manufacturing that you are thinking of?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Jeremy on March 18, 2022

Q: Good Morning,
Can I please get a handful of your favourite copper stocks right now?

Read Answer Asked by Chris on September 29, 2021

Q: Good afternoon,

Could you please pass along on how best to take advantage of rising copper prices both using an equity( s) and etf.
Same question as it applies to the semi conductor space.
Please feel free to deduct 2 credits as I have posed 2 questions.

Thank you,

thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on July 12, 2021