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Review of InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust

JUL 21, 2022 - With the significant gains in employment rates and the return to normal operations in most regions, market rents have begun to near the levels seen pre-pandemic. Despite higher utility and maintenance costs, IIP has been able to end the quarter and historic results with higher Same Property Net Operating Income (SPNOI) margins compared to its peers. Rating maintained at 'B+'

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Q: I'm not sure if I should take comfort in the fact that you still have ZRE in the portfolio or not, the last little while has been rough. If you were putting new money into the sector under current conditions would you stick with the equal weight ETF approach or would you just choose a couple of your favourite individual stocks like DIR and/or CAR (or perhaps another ETF that is not equal weight)?

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Q: TCN ( down 40%) , SGR.U ( down 17% ) IIP.UN (down 25% )
Looking at possibly selling these losers . Your opinion sell or hold ? If I do sell, what safe dividend paying stock would you suggest for a hold

Read Answer Asked by Frank on August 28, 2023

Q: Further to Kel's July 24th question and your reply re: capital appreciation in the Real Estate sector. You listed 4 favourite Reits - any preference in ranking ? Would you consider the addition of REAL to be a good move ?

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on July 28, 2023
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